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 Confirmed Again: Statin Drugs Calcify The Coronary Arteries

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PostSubject: Confirmed Again: Statin Drugs Calcify The Coronary Arteries   Fri 28 Sep 2012, 18:30

Confirmed Again: Statin Drugs Calcify The Coronary Arteries

Sayer Ji, Contributor
Activist Post

A new study published in the journal Atherosclerosis found that statin
use is associated with a 52% increased prevalence and extent of coronary artery plaques possessing calcium.[i]
This study, published on August 24th, was preceded only three weeks
earlier by one in the journal Diabetes Care, which found that coronary artery calcification
"was significantly higher in more frequent statin users than in less
frequent users," among patients with type 2 diabetes and advanced

Coronary artery disease is one of the primary risk factors for heart
attack and cardiac mortality, and calcification marks the end-stage of
atherosclerosis, the gradual plaque-driven narrowing of the arteries, as
the lumen (opening of the artery) can no longer compensate for the
obstructive build-up of plaque by expanding, once the calcification
process has taken place.

Statins are increasingly recognized to have profound cardiotoxic
properties, despite their widespread use in the prevention and treatment
of heart disease.

Here are several ways in which this chemical class of cholesterol-lowering drugs adversely affects heart health:

  • Statin drugs deplete the heart muscle of coenzyme Q10, a fundamental
    cofactor for mitochondrial energy production (the heart muscle cells
    have one of the highest mitochondrial densities (approximately 5,000
    mitochondria per muscle cell, versus 50 for skeletal muscle), and
    therefore are most susceptible to statin-induced coenzyme Q10 depletion, and subsequent mitochondrial dysfunction.
  • Statins increase the risk of type 2 diabetes,
    a condition whose hallmark pathology is high blood sugar-induced
    endothelial dysfunction, which is the beginning stage of cardiovascular
    disease, as it leads to damage in the arteries, only after which
    cholesterol-containing plaques form.
  • Statin drugs are muscle-damaging (myotoxic) and nerve-damaging
    (neurotoxic). The heart is a highly innervated muscle (densely packed
    with nerves), indicating that statin drugs are uniquely toxic to heart
  • Statin use is associated associated with an increased prevalence of microalbuminuria, a well-known marker of vascular dysfunction, affecting both cardiovascular and kidney disease risk.

Unfortunately, cardiotoxicity is only the tip of a massive iceberg of
statin-induced poisoning. There are over 300 known adverse health
effects of statin drugs in the biomedical literature. Click the link to
view the research on statin drug poisoning.

For natural, evidence-based alternative to statin drugs, visit our
biomedical archive on over 125 natural foods, spices and herbs with cholesterol-modulating properties.

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Confirmed Again: Statin Drugs Calcify The Coronary Arteries
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