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 International Center Against Abuse Of Covert Technologies and RFID Implants

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PostSubject: International Center Against Abuse Of Covert Technologies and RFID Implants    Tue 20 Nov 2012, 16:34

International Center Against Abuse Of Covert Technologies and RFID Implants

What you are about to hear may make you doubt your sanity, particularly
if you are enamored with technology. All the sci-fi movies and thriller
novels we have experienced pale in comparison to what actually is going
on in the world of covert technologies and, tragically, we aren’t told
about them.

The technology called ‘chipping’ or RFID, Radio Frequency
Identification, usually refers to a VeriChip, which is implanted
unknowingly in most recipients as a result of non-consensual

though RFID technology is 50 years old, it now has progressed into
nano-particle size that allows these tracking devices to pass through a
needle or medical syringe. In reality, the original grain-of-rice size
has advanced technologically so that a nanochip size can be injected
through vaccination needles. This is not make believe stuff, but the
research that the International Center Against Abuse of Covert
Technologies (ICAACT) leaders Jesse Beltran of the United States and
Lars Durdgaard of Denmark (EU) are conducting and bringing to the
attention of the medical profession.

with whom Beltran and Durdgaard have shared their research say they
were not taught about such ‘stuff’ in medical school and the devices do
not show up on MRIs or other medical scans.

People who experience negative health impact from these covert
implants usually wind up being treated for psychiatric disorders and
medicated heavily because physicians don’t know about the technology
impacting human health and, furthermore, they don’t have the time to
research the issue. That’s where ICAACT comes into play.

An Open Mind Conference, held in Olso, Norway, October
19-21, 2012, discussed the problems with implantation of RFIDs in humans
that cause all types of health problems including severe depression
often leading to suicide. Since RFIDs can be controlled to transmit and
receive information from the ‘host’, they are being regarded as
assaults on the human body and mind perpetrated by vested interests for
either research or mind control.

According to Jesse Beltran, covert actions utilizing nanochip
RFIDs is an agenda to turn the entire globe into a human lab experiment.
Beltran also says that copyrights and patents are being obtained on
these devices so that when implanted into humans, owners can claim
ownership rights equivalent to making a chipped individual a slave.
Furthermore, unconscious individuals can become RFID tag subjects
without being asked their permission.

Beltran contends that science today is getting away with what
scientists [probably German] were doing in World War II and for which
some were hanged. That’s a terribly unsettling remark, if true.

There’s a “30 Minute Reality Update” video at that
explains what RFIDs can do to people. Apparently, one of Beltran’s
concerns about them is increased aggression in law enforcement.

To appreciate the work ICAAT is doing and to understand better
the gravity of the problems with implant technology, please see this one
hour, 5 minute YouTube ICAACT Interview in Brussels

is important to watch, especially to hear discussion at minute 23 on
the timeline where mention is made that the Patient Protection and
Affordable Health Act [ObamaCare] requires VeriChips in patients. At
minute 31, Beltran talks about how these chips are found most often if
the left or right shoulder areas, and that the apparent cause may be the
flu vaccine. Also, vaccines now contain nanochips, which pass easily
through hypodermic needles. Then at minute 51 chemtrails are mentioned.

However, what comes to mind for me is what, if any, role do
nanochips play in Morgellons disease—that terrifying skin problem that
affects more and more people who seem to think chemtrails have something
to do with it.

is serious stuff! Apparently there is a tremendous push on to control
humans for whatever reasons the controllers want to control us. As
Jesse Beltran says, “We need to wake up globally; it’s a global problem.
We need to do something today, not yesterday.”

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International Center Against Abuse Of Covert Technologies and RFID Implants
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