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 Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull & Bones

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PostSubject: Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull & Bones    Wed 19 Dec 2012, 13:41

Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull & Bones

(NaturalNews) The confirmed discovery that at 1hr:58 of the Dark Knight
Rises, Commissioner Gordon is pointing to the words "Sandy Hook" on a
map of the Gotham area has caused a storm of interest.

As it
should---since 27 people were just killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary
School, and in the Dark Knight film, "Sandy Hook" is indicated as a
target for attack.

Unless, of course, one wants to believe this
is merely a boggling coincidence, one that accidentally ties the Batman
theater massacre to the Connecticut school massacre.

In that
case, add to the list of coincidences the fact that Suzanne Collins, the
author of The Hunger Games, in which 23 children are ritually
sacrificed in arena competition, lives in Newtown/Sandy Hook, and in
real life someone(s) just killed 20 children in the Sandy Hook
Elementary School.

This is the familiar "Joker" mode of secret
societies, in which little foreshadowing clues are placed in significant
places. Michael Hoffman, author of Secret Societies and Psychological
Warfare, comments on "The Method": "...a clown-like, grinning mockery of
the victim[s] as a show of power and macabre arrogance...performed in a
veiled manner accompanied by certain occult signs and symbolic
words...They brag to us about what they've gotten away with..."

It's also a coincidence that the east coast of America sustained horrendous damage from a storm called Sandy recently.

also a coincidence that an island called Sandy, New Caledonia, had been
located on many maps until 2012, when an Australian surveyor ship
concluded that it had never existed, and it was promptly disappeared
from authoritative maps of the area. "Destroyed."

Then there is
the coincidence involving the Aurora theater, just before the massacre
there this summer, when during film trailers, before The Dark Knight Rises premiered, a preview of Skyfall was shown, and on a building appeared, in red letters, "Aurora."

Dark Knight Rises coincidence: the studio sent out a promotional
package before the film premiered this summer. An included map clearly
showed Sandy Hook, within, or just south of, "Strike Zone 1," where an
attack would be launched. (Click through to enter site.)

coincidence: there is a book called "The Dark Knight Manual." In the
book, there is a map as well. But on this map, at the very bottom, Sandy
Hook is "South Hinkley." (Click to enlarge.)

Does that name Hinkley ring a bell?

another coincidence that John Hinckley is the person convicted of
attempting to assassinate President Reagan on Match 30, 1981.

psychiatric patient, drugged, and, some say, operated on with mind
control techniques to set him up as the patsy in the attempt on Reagan's

Hinckley---son of an oil man who was George Bush the
Elder's big-time presidential supporter. John Hinckley's brother Scott
had a dinner booked at Neil Bush's house the day after the Reagan
assassination attempt. Scott had to cancel.

Obsessed with yet
another film, Taxi Driver, and its child star, Jody Foster, young
Hinckley, according to received wisdom, planned the attack on Reagan to
impress Foster---whom he had stalked, going so far as to take a writing
class at Yale, where Foster was matriculating.

What and who is at
Yale in New Haven, a few miles from Newtown? Historically, exactly the
kind of men who, bent on controlling America, engaged in occult rituals,
taking blood oaths. Secret society men. Diabolical Skull&Bones men
who, for example, supported the Nazi war machine and Hitler, who in turn
slaughtered millions. Nazi financiers like Prescott Bush of the
Bush-family Skull&Bones members.

But all these things are coincidences and accidents, and there is absolutely nothing to see or think about or connect.

No pieces of this connect at all.


Ask any android. He'll tell you. "Nothing to see, keep moving, eyes straight ahead."

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Sandy Hook, Dark Knight Rises, Aurora, Skull & Bones
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