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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing - Albert Einstein
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 Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters

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PostSubject: Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters   Fri 21 Dec 2012, 20:22

Mayan calendar, Sandy Hook, Peace Prize Obama: Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters

(NaturalNews) This is a message for those who are new to Natural News
and who seek the truth in this time of great change. You may have
already noticed the Mayan calendar prophecy was a hoax. The universe
didn't end. We're all still here, and we must face our future rather
than writing it off.

The Sandy Hook shooting outrage reaction is
also a fear mongering hoax. You have been manipulated by Obama and the
mainstream media into invoking an irrational, hyped-up response to an
event that poses virtually no risk to the American people. How's that?
For starters, 116,000% more Americans die each year in motor vehicle
accidents than were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary. You are far more
likely to be killed by a deer in the road than a psychopathic mass shooter. And you are WAY more likely to be killed by your doctor than by a gun: An astonishing 784,000 Americans are killed each year by their doctors.

one-quarter of all Americans have been emotionally manipulated into
worshipping a false prophet: Barack Obama, one of the world's great mass
murderers of children who is right now signing off on yet more unarmed drone bombings of innocent children in Libya, Afghanistan, and soon Syria and Iran.
You don't see those children on television, and Obama sheds no tears
for them. They are the "invisible" children of the world whose deaths
don't matter to the U.S. media, which celebrates mass violence and deadly wars.

everything you think is real is actually a fabrication. Virtually
everything you believe about banking, politics, medicine, the media and
even history has been falsified and engineered in order to enslave you
in the modern-day version of The Matrix. You have been enslaved
so deeply that you do not even realize you're a slave. You worship your
slave masters and beg them to take away more of your money, your
freedoms and your very future. You are the product of a centuries-long
campaign of cultural manipulation, revisionist history and, more
recently, chemical influence.

You are living out the dystopian sci-fi future right now, today, numbed by chemical fluoride acids and dumbed-down by injections of mercury, MSG and formaldehyde as ordered by the U.S. government.

pray for you. I pray that you may be awakened from your slumber and
find some way to clear away the cobwebs that have been placed in your
mind by the sinister, almost demonic dark forces that manipulate human minds on our planet.

Although granted free will, you have been convinced to suppress it

The most sinister part of The Matrix
in which you now live is that you have been cajoled and convinced to
suppress your own free will and surrender to the manipulators who
control not just your mind, but your entire reality.

As Edward Bernays, the father of modern propaganda, explained:

we understand the mechanisms and motives of the group mind, it is now
possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will
without their knowing it... We are governed, our minds are molded, our
tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard

In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the
sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical
thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons...
who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses.
It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.

Stealth manipulation and cognitive control

time you turn on the television, false ideas, mythologies and delusions
are being subconsciously implanted into the belief system portion of
your brain. This happens when you watch the news, when you enjoy a
movie, or even when you pay your taxes. You've been hoodwinked into
believing utter false things like, "America is a free country" or "the government cares about you" or "the drug companies are humanitarian organizations."

The most notable property of this propaganda and engineered influence is that people who are routinely and deeply manipulated by this propaganda have no clue that they are.

everyone, if you ask them, will insist they are not being manipulated
by anyone. They make their own decisions, they insist. And yet they go
to the store and buy all the toxic product brands that have been shown
to them on television. They worship mass murderers who run for President
(Bush, Obama, etc.) They enslave themselves in a system of financial
work-cropping and taxation that benefits only the global monopolist
bankers who run the debt cartels.

Your values, ethics, emotions
and mythologies are entirely manipulated and contrived. Here's one way
to challenge yourself on this right now: Do you celebrate Columbus Day?
Christopher Columbus was a mass murderer.

Do you watch the fireworks on July 4th? Most people are mindless to the whole point of July 4th which is to celebrate Independence Day -- independence from British tyranny, gun control, illegal searches, secret prisons, and so on. And yet all these things have been brought back to America by Obama.
The fireworks are supposed to be a reminder of the battles that our
forefathers fought so that we might enjoy freedom. Instead, the
fireworks mesmerize a barely-conscious population as they
sleepwalk right into the jaws of tyranny and oppression, slobbering
their way to their next chronic disease as they eat themselves to death
with GMOs and aspartame.

You have been taught delusional
mythologies about vaccines and flu shots: "Flu shots stop the flu!" is a
delusional anti-fact that's catapulted into a global meme (mind virus)
by the same industry which now claims injecting mercury is good for children.
"Science" has become the tyrannical cry of those who absolutely despise
science but who invoke the word to demand obedience to their own warped
chemical doctrines.

You have been taught delusional financial mythologies
such as the idea that the U.S. government needs to collect taxes to
fund itself. In reality, the Fed can create all the money it needs
instantly, just like it does to bail out banks. You are taxed not to raise revenue but to be oppressed and controlled.

You have been told who to worship -- singers, basketball players, big government -- and even more importantly who to hate: white people, gun owners, preppers, veterans, Ron Paul supporters and anyone who grows their own food.

when the next false flag event occurs in America, you will be "shocked"
and "outraged," and you will believe it was carried out by whomever the
government and the media claims carried it out. You will also believe
that your reaction is happening of your own free will and you will have no clue the entire thing has been scripted and injected directly into your head.

Open your eyes and look in the mirror, slave

are a pawn in a grand mind game. You have been imprisoned in a mental
construct that is so powerful and elusive that you actually defend the
very system which has enslaved you.

You've been trained to think
that anyone who questions the system is a "conspiracy theorist" or a
"kook." Every strategy of mental influence has been used against you,
over and over again: safety in the herd, neurolinguistic programming,
fear reactions, prisoner training (TSA), false symbols of authority,
false flags and so on.

Like most people, you were born into
slavery and you will die a slave. You will not rise above it and declare
your free will sovereignty because you have been trained to be a conformist coward.
You will, at every opportunity, trade away your liberty for social
approval, because you have been taught to believe that the worst thing
in the world is to be "different" from the conformist masses.

essence, you have wasted your entire life -- a life offering an
incredible, sacred spiritual journey where you have been granted free
will, a human body and the consciousness to be your own being -- yet you
discard all these gifts in your race to be like everyone else, think
like everyone else, talk like everyone else and "fit in" without daring
to unleash your individuality.

Your soul cries spiritual tears at
the wasted opportunity to do something with your life. Your Creator is
utterly disappointed but not surprised, as most souls who come to this
Earth follow the same comfortably-numb path of conformity and

Awaken NOW

While your physical life
still has time remaining, you have every opportunity to do something
different with it. Break the chains of mental enslavement. Break free
from the social approval bonds that have limited your beliefs, your
speech and your ideas. Take that quantum leap from conformity to being a
true explorer of reality -- a person who asks questions, observes events, connects the dots and seeks to be enlightened.

will not break free from the Matrix if you watch mainstream news or get
your values and information from the White House. You can only be free
if you first free yourself from toxic information sources which only seek to manipulate and control you. Turn off NPR. Banish the New York Times from your web browser. Turn on Natural News, InfoWars, the courageous David Icke
and other alternative websites that genuinely seek the truth and dare
to report it, no matter how eccentric or bizarre it may sound to the

Expand your consciousness to take in the sacred
enormity of the universe around you, or you shall remain forever bound
and diminutive in this soul journey we call "life." Upon your death,
your soul will review your life and declare, "Wow, you wasted the
ultimate gift of life in a desperate bid to remain unremarkable."

But you do not have to continue on that path. You can change now by casting aside conformity and seeking reality.

My prayer for you

you live a life that your spirit sees as worthy. May you awaken from
your slumber and be blessed with understanding. And may you then use
that wisdom to awaken others, spread freedom, defeat evil and enlighten
our species so that it can finally pursue the abundant and joyful future
we all deserve.

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Your entire reality has been scripted by the manipulation masters
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