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 What’s in Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, and More

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PostSubject: What’s in Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, and More   Sat 29 Dec 2012, 13:37

What’s in Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, and More

the aid of innovative and highly sensitive testing, Spanish-Moroccan
scientists determined that there could be up to 20 painkillers,
antibiotics, and growth hormones in a single glass of milk. The
researchers say that the traces are so small that consumers need not
worry about adverse effects, so we’ll just have to take their word for
it, it seems.

The scientists analyzed 20 samples of milk—cow’s, goat’s, and
human—bought in Spain and Morocco, and found a chemical cocktail of
ingredients added to the animal’s diet prior to milking or contamination
through feed or on the farm. Some of the contaminants found in trace
amounts include triclosan (an anti-fungal), 17-beta-estradiol (a sex
hormone), and florfenicol (an antibiotic).

It’s worth noting that the image provided by the University of Jaen
lists the anti-inflammatory drug diclofenac twice in error. Their findings were published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Advances in Food Safety

University of Jaen’s Dr. Evaristo Ballesteros marveled over their
technique, which could be used to assess the food safety of other
products. “We believe the new methodology will help to provide a more
effective way of determining the presence of these kinds of contaminants
in milk or other products.”

“Food quality control laboratories could use this new tool to detect
these drugs before they enter the food chain. This would raise
consumers’ awareness and give them the knowledge that food is…harmless,
pure, genuine, beneficial to health, and free of toxic residues.”

While all types of milk tested contained chemicals cow’s milk was
most contaminated. This is not surprising, seeing as cows are routinely
given antibiotics, growth hormones, and fed questionable GMO
feed. Unfortunately, you will probably be picking up some of these
chemicals each time you purchase milk from big-time and conventional

What Milk Should You Buy?

If you do drink milk, there is always a better option than traveling
to your nearest grocery store. Organic milk is superior to conventional
milk, as the cows won’t typically be on an antibiotic, growth hormone,
and GMO corn feed diet; they will likely be grass-fed and graze freely.
But there is an even better milk than organic.

Raw milk, like organic, should not come from antibiotic-fed,
hormone-injected cows. In addition, raw milk is not pasteurized, a
process that destroys beneficial bacteria, transforms proteins, and
ruins many of the other vitamins and nutrients found in the milk. It’s
always smart to go one step further when buying raw milk to ensure
safety, finding out a little bit about the farm and farmer the milk

Detoxing Your Body and Environment

Toxic residue in food is hardly limited to milk. The Daily Mail
writes about earlier studies that have found fish with altered brain
chemistry and sexuality thanks to caffeine, antibiotics, and hormones
from contraceptive pills and HRT that survived treatment from sewage

While some scientists say these trace amounts aren’t enough to affect
people, many of them are stored in our bodies for great lengths of
time, which can become problematic with frequent consumption. To this
end, it’s important to limit our exposure to environmental toxins and
poisons found in conventionally grown and prepared food and water. You
can also take steps to detox your body naturally.

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What’s in Your Milk? 20+ Painkillers, Antibiotics, and More
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