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 CFL Bulbs Contain Harmful Chemicals

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PostSubject: CFL Bulbs Contain Harmful Chemicals   Wed 16 Jan 2013, 17:28

CFL Bulbs Contain Harmful Chemicals, Damage Your Skin

January 14, 2013

This article originally appeared on Natural Society

With the government moving to ban incandescent light bulbsin favor energy-saving compact fluorescent lights, or CFLs, it’s important to remember what this means for your health.

A German Study that found that compact fluorescent lights emit
cancer-causing chemicals such as phenol, naphthalene, and styrene when
switched on. Inspired by these findings, researchers at Stony Brook
University in New York have released a study on the effects that UV
radiation from CFL bulbs can have on human skin cells.

Researchers summarized their findings, “… [we] measured the amount of
UV emissions and the integrity of each bulb’s phosphor coatings.
Results revealed significant levels of UVC and UVA, which appeared to
originate from cracks in the phosphor coatings, present in all CFL bulbs studied”

Abundant research has shown that UVA radiation can penetrate to the
deepest levels of skin tissue. It is known to contribute greatly to skin
wrinkling, and according to a US-Australian study, UVA radiation causes
the greatest amount of damage to skin cells where most skin cancers

These cells are called keratinocytes, and they are the same cells the
researchers at Stony Brook exposed to radiation from CFL bulbs.

So who is responsible for the radiation given off by these energy efficient bulbs?

Well, in 2006 and 2007 the American Conference of Governmental
Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH) measured base levels of radiation given
off by CFLs. ACGIH is a completely NON-governmental member-based
organization that is comprised of leading “occupational hygiene

These levels were then reviewed by the IESNA, another member based
organization comprised of lighting industry manufacturers and employers.

Their president Chip Israel is the owner of Lighting Design Alliance,
one of the worlds leading lighting design firms with offices in
Chicago, Los Angeles, Fort Collins, and Dubai.

The IESNA then created the currently used RP 27, which sets the
standards for acceptable levels of radiation emissions from all light

If a CFL bulb is found to exceed these levels, the maker of the bulb
is required to place a warning on the package. There is no
accountability however, as manufacturers are expected to self-police.

This is particularly troubling in light of new laws emerging all over
the planet phasing out traditional and even halogen incandescent bulbs
in favor of CFLs. The most noteworthy being a ban adopted by the
European Union around September of 2012.

Some states are adopting these same types of regulation, albeit more slowly. For example, California no longer
allows residents to purchase traditional incandescent bulbs – opting
instead for halogen incandescent bulbs that use about 25% less energy –
but encourages people to use CFLs instead regardless.

To protect your skin from being harmed by these bulbs, researchers
recommend that you stay at least two feet away from them at all times,
as radiation levels drop with distance.

Additionally, the more filters between a person and the bulb – such
as a glass cover or shade – the less radiation will reach your skin.


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CFL Bulbs Contain Harmful Chemicals
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