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 Gatorade to remove flame retardant chemical from its drinks (yeah, you've been drinking this for years)

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PostSubject: Gatorade to remove flame retardant chemical from its drinks (yeah, you've been drinking this for years)    Tue 29 Jan 2013, 10:10

Gatorade to remove flame retardant chemical from its drinks (yeah, you've been drinking this for years)

(NaturalNews) Now you know that you've been saved from spontaneous
combustion after a hard workout if you drank Gatorade. It's had an
actual flame retardant chemical in it, and still does. The ingredient is
called brominated vegetable oil (BVO), and its been patented in Europe as a flame retardant

spokesperson for Gatorade's owner PepsiCo, Molly Carter, mentioned to
reporters that Pepsi had been considering removing BVO for about a year,
pending their discovery of a new and better replacement ingredient that
wouldn't alter the taste. Molly claims the petition from with over 200,000 signatures had little impact.

yes, you can hear Gatorade consumers concerns: "Yum - this fire
retardant sure is tasty. Wonder if I can get some pure BVO if they take
it out?" Not to worry, Gatorade gulpers, it will be several months
before a new "flavor and color emulsifier" will be replacing the BVO
fire retardant: sucrose acetate isobutyrate (SAIB).

Carter asserted there's no rush or specific date set for getting the
reformulated drinks out. The reformulated Gatorade flavors "will start
rolling out in the next few months," Molly said."We're not recalling
Gatorade. We don't think our products are unsafe. We don't think there
are health or safety risks," she claimed.

A brominated vegetable oil (BVO) history

has been banned as a food and beverage additive in Europe and Japan.
But it has been used for decades in U.S. beverages such as Gatorade,
Mountain Dew, Squirt, Fanta Orange, Sunkist Pineapple, Powerade
Strawberry Lemonade or Fresca Original Citrus.

An observer from a
gaming bar in the Atlanta, GA suburb of Marietta reports seeing video
gamers stack up and drink a half-dozen or more Mountain Dews and gulp
them down for their sugar and caffeine, keeping them stimulated and
alert while gaming. They're also unwittingly getting a strong dose of BVO flame retardant.

on these BVO beverages has resulted in medical treatments for skin
lesions, memory loss, or nervous disorders. According to Scientific American magazine, studies have indicated that BVO can accumulate in body tissues.

exposed to bromine compound fire retardants exhibited long-term
negative health and fertility events in some studies. But maybe it's
okay for humans. After all, BVO solutions are vegetable based.
Unfortunately, the vegetables are soy and corn, which are usually GMO
planted or GMO contaminated.

As early as 1977, the FDA approved
BVO as a food or beverage additive at 15 parts per million. They based
this figure on data from "industry studies." Wonder which industry that
might have been? But since then, BVO has been completely banned from
foods and beverages in Japan and Europe. Maybe they know something about
those long-term effects from BVO tissue accumulation.

So what's
the point of using BVOs in the first place? The heavy bromine atoms
keeps synthetic artificial (tautology intentional) flavors from floating
to the top of the beverage. Yum, toxic flavorings remaining constant
throughout the beverage.

What about Gatorade's future SAIB
replacement to ensure artificial flavor consistency? An Ontario, Canada
test, " Effect of ... (SAIB) ingestion on the hepatobiliary function of
normal human male and female volunteers," had 27 humans, male and
female, drink orange juice without SAIB for one week then with SAIB for
two weeks.

Blood samples were taken at intervals during each week
checking markers for liver function issues. It was concluded "that
ingestion of 20 mg SAIB/kg body weight daily for 14 days does not affect
the hepatobiliary function of human volunteers."

Many trials
conducted on more subjects for longer periods have been dismissed as too
short with too few subjects if they were unfavorable to established
food or medical products. Oh well, cheers and chuga-lug.

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Gatorade to remove flame retardant chemical from its drinks (yeah, you've been drinking this for years)
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