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PostSubject: Fluoridegate    Sun 03 Feb 2013, 19:52

Fluoridegate - the film that will absolutely obliterate any remaining credibility of chemical fluoride pushers

(NaturalNews) Have you ever wondered why most major municipal water
utilities across America continue to artificially fluoridate public
water supplies when inexpensive fluoride toothpastes are readily
available for those who choose to use them? Or why governments and
medical groups continue to force fluoridated tap water on the public in
spite of the fact that it has many known and proven health risks? These
and many other pertinent questions find their answers in the
hard-hitting documentary Fluoridegate: An American Tragedy, one of the most powerful documentaries ever made about the fluoride fraud.

A sordid narrative that recaps the dirty history of fluoride and how it came to be an officially recommended water additive, Fluoridegate delves deep into the completely unscientific and blatantly corrupt process by which the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
(EPA) forced fluoride onto the public via the National Program for
Water Fluoridation. The film also exposes how Dr. William Marcus, a
now-retired senior scientist at the EPA, was targeted and fired for
leaking critical information back in the 1990s about the many dangers of
fluoride, none of which were being publicly shared in accordance with
the EPA's mission and purpose.

"Exposing a child to (fluoride)
chemicals in the first six years of life ... will harm that child's
learning capability, self control, and have effects on his brain
function that are lifelong," explains Dr. Roger D. Masters, Ph.D.,
Professor Emeritus at Dartmouth College about the fluoride
scam. "To permit that to happen when you know it's happening, and not
to interfere by stopping the use of something like silicofluoride, which
makes it worse, is immoral."

You can access the film for FREE here:

Fluoride whistleblowers targeted for bringing truth to light

Dr. Marcus, his honest work in evaluating the effects of fluoride on
human health, and in recommending that the issue of water fluoridation
be investigated further, were never taken seriously by his superiors,
who ultimately had him fired. And this pattern of corruption is
persistent throughout fluoride's ignominious history in the U.S.,
representing the true impetus behind its continued use and
recommendation by many public health officials today.

Marcus] had recommended additional research be conducted within the
[EPA] to make sure that the amount of fluoride that was added to
drinking water was
safe. And he showed me other documents that indicated that the agency
was very upset with him for this recommendation, and had initiated a
campaign to fire him," explains Stephen M. Kohn of the National Whistleblowers Association (NWA) about the persecution Dr. Marcus received from the EPA for simply trying to do his job.

document was properly prepared within the context of his job as a
Senior Science Advisor, meaning the highest level scientist within EPA
who's non-supervisory. He's [essentially] the guru scientist you go to
for the tough issues. And Dr. Marcus reviewed the literature, reviewed
the materials before him, and set forth basic scientific facts in this
document to his supervisors and said, 'We need to study this matter
because if fluoride does pose a health risk, we have to monitor how much
we put in the drinking water, or if we should put in any at all.'"

To watch the film for FREE, visit:

Fluoride as forced medication on a non-consenting public

other words, key public figures who should have supported Dr. Marcus'
efforts to protect public health instead retaliated against him by
launching a sinister campaign to get him fired. These crooks not only
succeeded in destroying Dr. Marcus' career through lies and deception,
but they also paved the way for the fluoride agenda to continue onward
without obstruction.

Since that time, many other fluoride
whistleblowers have come forward with the truth -- and some progress has
been made in removing the toxic chemical from public water supplies.
But there is still considerable work to be done by those who know the
truth about fluoride, as fluoride advocates continue to spread lies and
misinformation in order to perpetuate the scam.

"This is forced
medication of the public, because the government says so," explains
Peter F. Vallone, an outspoken New York City councilman who is currently
working on removing fluoride from New York City's public water supply.
"What's next, they don't think we're happy enough so they put some Xanax
in our water supply because they're allowed to, because they're the
government? It's outrageous."

is packed with powerful testimonies from other key insiders privy to
how fluoride became an integral part of water treatment policy, and how
the public was manipulated into accepting this forced medication in the
name of preventing tooth decay. And the best part is that the film
is completely FREE to watch, as its creator, the distinguished Dr.
David Kennedy, actually encourages people to share it with their friends
and circles of influence.

"It's not just children who are affected -- everyone is affected," adds Dr. Yolanda Whyte, M.D., a pediatrician who opposes water fluoridation.
"Even for unborn children, fluoride can cross the placenta and it can
cross the blood-brain barrier. And when it does that, it can lower I.Q.,
and even affect other neuro-developmental outcomes, so this is very

To access this powerful film for FREE, visit:

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