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 DHS trains to shoot pregnant women, old men, children

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PostSubject: DHS trains to shoot pregnant women, old men, children    Mon 25 Feb 2013, 18:45

How much more evidence do you need? DHS trains to shoot pregnant women, old men, children with guns (see photos)

(NaturalNews) I really didn't want to cover this subject, but a warning has to be issued to Natural News readers. Infowars writer Paul Joseph Watson
has uncovered proof that a U.S. based company called "Law Enforcement
Training, Inc." has been selling millions of dollars worth of "no
hesitation" targets to the Department of Homeland Security.

These targets (see images below) are used to train DHS employees to shoot American citizens
and they depict pregnant women, old men, children and even young moms
with guns. The purpose of the targets, according to the company that
sells them, is to "eliminate any hesitation" that U.S. government
employees might normally feel in shooting to kill pregnant women,
children and old men. (I'm not making this up. The government's plan to
murder Americans is now right out in the open...)

reports they have been informed the "no hesitation" targets were
"strictly for Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement

How stupid do they think we are?

This puzzle isn't difficult to assemble, folks. We've got the U.S. government already on record purchasing 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition to be used domestically, inside the united states. The government is also purchasing thousands of full-auto assault rifles, calling them "personal defense weapons."

On top of that, there are hundreds of thousands of multi-body coffins
being stored right now at FEMA camp facilities, and there's also strong
evidence that FEMA camps are being activated with core staff coming on

And then we've also got the feds saying they want Americans to turn in all their guns and completely disarm themselves so that only the government has guns.

how much evidence do you need, folks? I'm just wondering how so many
Americans can still be living in a state of total denial about all this.
It is abundantly clear that the current occupying government of America
-- which is an illegitimate occupying force of anti-constitution
traitors and criminals -- literally has a plan to mass murder tens of
millions of Americans by either gunning them down in the streets, or
rounding them up and stuffing them info FEMA coffins (or mass graves).

This plan was openly talked about by Obama's mentor

plan was openly talked about by one of President Obama's mentors, in
fact, a key member of the "Weatherman" group of communist-leaning
terrorists. Bill Ayers and his cohorts planned a communist takeover of
America followed by the rounding up of resistance forces who would then
be "re-educated" or terminated. This is all spelled out in great detail
in this video interview of Larry Grathwohl, an undercover operative
working for federal law enforcement agencies. He infiltrated the Weathermen organization and learned what they really wanted to accomplish.

Watch his testimony in this video:

From the video:

what is going to happen to those people we can't re-educate? That are
die-hard capitalists? And the reply was that they'd have to be
eliminated. And when I pursued this further, they estimated that they
would have to eliminate 25 million people in these re-education centers.
And when I say eliminate, I mean kill.

Here are the images of the cardboard targets, courtesy of (story continues below)

War is coming to America

hope you understand where this is all headed. A government does not buy
1.6 billion bullets for no reason. By my calculations, this is enough
ammo to wage a 7-year war with the American people.

government does not stage gun-related killings (Fast & Furious,
Aurora, and elements of Sandy Hook were all staged) and then demand the
complete disarmament of the American people for no reason.

The Department of Homeland Security does not buy cardboard targets of pregnant women, young mothers and old men for no reason. They are buying these targets because this is who they are training to kill.

The President does not issue an executive order claiming government ownership of all farms, food, livestock and farm equipment for no reason.

Keep in mind that DHS "officers" do not take an oath of office,
meaning they do not swear any allegiance to the U.S. Constitution.
Their only allegiance is to their paycheck and their dangerous sense of
power, and that comes from the illegitimate occupying government that is
now actively plotting to murder its own citizens.

Get out of your state of denial and wake up to what's happening

has all reached the point of un-deniability. All of you who have sat
back and watched this murderous police state being rolled out while you
were paralyzed in a state of denial now need to come to your senses and
realize this is real. Our government has been taken over and "occupied"
by enemy forces who are openly attempting to destroy the Bill of Rights,
eradicate the Constitution and put in place a communist / fascist
system of dictatorial control.

The planned economic destruction
of the USA is just one part of it. Another part is the continued
brain-numbing poisoning of the people through fluoride, lobotomizing
vaccines and brain-frying psychiatric drugs.

The government is trying to lull everyone into a state of denial while it puts in place a militarized police state infrastructure that will soon be "activated" to start rounding people up and killing them off -- an action which has been "legalized" by President Obama under the NDAA. The Department of Justice recently issued a 16-page memo "justifying" the secret killing of American citizens on U.S. soil.

veterans are being openly characterizes as the new "terrorists." The
same designation is given to anyone who owns a gun or believes in the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Democrats everywhere are
practically calling for Obama to declare Martial Law, disband Congress
and seize control of the entire country as an outright dictator. This is
all being set up and to demonize (and then murder) anyone who resists
the coming totalitarian dictatorship society.

It's now in your
face and the targets are clear: Pregnant women will be shot. Young
mothers with children will be shot. Old men defending their farms will
be shot. Little boys will be shot. Grandmothers defending their homes
will be shot. This is what DHS is training for, and anyone who does not yet realize what's happening is a fool.

the word. Take action now, peacefully, while we still can. Fire every
lawmaker who proposes "gun control" legislation. Impeach any President
who does not abide by the Constitution. Demand accountability. Demand
the government follow the laws of the land. Let your voice be heard and
take all necessary precautions for yourself and your family. The day is
coming when mass graves will be used in America, and all those citizens
who sat around laughing it up on Facebook while living in denial will be
marched to the edge of those graves and shot in the back of the head by members of their own government (DHS, TSA, etc.).

is a bitch. Help me make sure we don't repeat it, because if we cannot
restore law in America peacefully, then the only remaining option is to
defend America and uphold the laws of the land through the use of force.

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DHS trains to shoot pregnant women, old men, children
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