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 drugging your meat with Merck's new Zilmax

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PostSubject: drugging your meat with Merck's new Zilmax    Tue 05 Mar 2013, 14:35

Tyson, Cargill among others now drugging your meat with Merck's new Zilmax

(NaturalNews) Merck scientists have introduced a new drug to the meat
industry - Zilmax. This drug bulks up cattle in the last few weeks of
their lives, bringing in more revenue for feedlot owners. Four major
meat companies now use Zilmax, including Tyson Foods, JBS SA, Cargill,
and National Beef Packing Co. Reportedly, Cargill resisted Zilmax for
years, but finally got on board to keep up with the market.

Recycling the drug

was once called Zilpaterol and was used to treat asthma in humans. The
drug was an absolute failure but was found to be a repartitioning agent -
a drug that changes metabolism so more muscles are produced instead of
fat. The World Anti-Doping Agency banned the drug for human
consumption, so Merck re-branded the drug Zilmax and started selling it
to feedlots as a growth stimulant.

Journalist visits meat locker, disgusted

As a journalist for Chronicle of Higher Education, Melody Peterson described her visit to the meat locker at West Texas A&M University. Escorted by Ty E. Lawrence, associate professor of animal science, Peterson reported,

sides of beef, still covered with a slick layer of ivory-colored fat,
hung from steel hooks. Dressed in a white lab coat, a hard hat on his
head, Lawrence pointed to the carcass of a Holstein that had been fed a
new drug called Zilmax. He noted its larger size compared with the
nearby body of a steer never given the drug."

"'This is thicker,
and it's plumper,' said Lawrence, pointing at the beast's rib-eye. 'This
animal right here,' waving his hand at the pharmaceutically enhanced meat, 'doesn't look like a Holstein anymore.'"

a Holstein anymore: is that really something to be proud about? If a
Holstein doesn't look like a Holstein anymore, what are we eating and
what are we becoming?

Drugged up beef has more profit

drought in 2012 made it easier for Merck to sell Zilmax. Without
needing any more feed or water, a cow can now yield 33 pounds of extra
beef when drugged with Zilmax.
According to Zilmax advertisements, food production has everything to
do with profit now instead of giving people healthy, real meat.

One of their ads boasts:

$20 Makes you $40 THAT'S ZILMANOMICS! Beef you can count on. Feed
Zilmax for the last 20 days for an additional 30 pounds of hot carcass
weight and an extra $40 per head, gross profit. That's every four weeks.
Let's see the folks on Wall Street beat those returns!"

University researchers, agriculture industry, and pharmaceuticals protecting one another

schools increasingly depend on the agriculture industry for research
grants. A large portion of those grants cover overhead and
administrative costs. Many professors now work for the agriculture
companies as consultants and speakers, adding to their personal bank
accounts along the way. In a 2005 survey, more than two-thirds of animal
scientists reported they had received money from the industry in the
previous five years. Critics say some academic animal scientists have
become so closely tied to the drug
companies that they may be working more in the big companies'
interests. Weren't land-grant universities created to serve farmers,
ranchers, and their fellow man?

Survive by resistance

of the big industry drugged-up beef and sell-out university's advice
will be the way forward for many American's seeking healthy choices.

the labels. Know where food comes from. Ask questions. Buy organic. The
American republic can restore its health through knowledge and
awareness. With strength in numbers, the people can change the game.

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drugging your meat with Merck's new Zilmax
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