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 Fluoride Cocktail: The Elite's Elixir of Death

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PostSubject: Fluoride Cocktail: The Elite's Elixir of Death   Sat 23 Mar 2013, 18:07

Fluoride Cocktail: The Elite's Elixir of Death

Dees Illustration
Peter Paul Parker
Activist Post

Water is amazing, a cleanser, a life giver, an object of beauty and we,
as human beings, consist of around 80% water. Some scientists are now
beginning to take a closer look into the qualities of water and finding
some quite remarkable attributes that exist in our life-giving elixir.

As reported even in the mainstream, Dr. Jacques Benveniste discovered certain scientific properties of water that
cannot be explained conventionally. He found that water has a memory
that we can digitally record. Also of interest here is that [url= masaru emoto&rlz=1C1ASUT_enGT520GT520&aq=0&oq=Dr. Masaru &aqs=chrome.0.0j57j0l2j62.3210&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8]Dr. Masaru Emoto[/url]
has proven that water is affected by thought. So what is this
life-sustaining liquid on our planet? I am sure there are many more
exciting discoveries for us to uncover. So why in the name of goodness
was Sodium Fluoride added to our drinking water en masse?

The story of Edward Bernays propaganda campaign to get Sodium Fluoride
into our drinking water is well documented. This action should be
understood and researched, as it really does start to uncover the mass
mind control we are under from the TV and corporate media outlets. This
is all to protect the ‘self termed ‘Elite’ class of people, to maintain
their control on the common man, and to carry on living in a manner of
great privilege, at our expense. Once you understand this position, then
you can see why Sodium Fluoride was introduced into the water. It truly
is ‘The Elite's Elixir of Death’. It is also found in many other
substances such as toothpaste and insecticides, for example. We are
ingesting this toxin without even knowing about it.

I am pleased to report that Walter Graham has agreed
to be an adviser to the Committee of 100 Ministry of Health department
on Sodium Fluoride and Electro Magnetic Frequencies. I asked him ‘What
are the detrimental effects of consuming Sodium Fluoride?’

His response follows...

To understand fluoride and fluoridation, let me start with a summary of
the issues it raises, followed by an outline of the main issues:

Firstly, it is a breach of Human Rights to drug a population against its
will. Secondly, fluoride is not what the government is dumping in
British drinking water. They use hydrofluosilicic acid, the toxic waste
of the fertilizer and aluminum industries, which is contaminated with
lead, mercury, arsenic, uranium, strontium, chromium, aluminum and 22
other cumulative substances including fluoride.

The government pretends this chemical cocktail is fluoride and that it
has no side effects other than Dental fluorosis, which is characterized
by pitting, white flecks and brown staining of developing teeth.
Typically 50% of any fluoridated area gets this damage to their teeth.
There are in fact thousands of published studies proving harm and none
proving fluoride safe. The side effects range from thyroid dysfunction,
irritable bowel syndrome, bone damage, cancer, neurological damage and
lower IQ. This is the reason why 98% of Europe has rejected

99% of the water is lost in underground leaks, used by industry and
farming, as well as flushing toilets, it is economically senseless as
well. This is legalized dumping on a massive scale, without any
environmental impact study or proof of safety. Lastly the dose can not
be controlled as it is in all food and drinks using the water supply, as
well as toothpaste, mouth wash, drops, tablets, chewing gum, used as a
killing agent in pesticides, herbicides and rat poison, coal burning,
unleaded petrol fumes, prozac, rohypnol, etc., thereby accumulating in
bones, the pineal gland and other tissue. Fluoride is more toxic than
lead and its forced addition to water is an affront to humanity.


The one side effect the government do admit to is Dental fluorosis,
which 50% of the population get, in any fluoridated area. The following
dental fluorosis photo shows how much structural damage fluoride causes.
Amazingly the government claim that fluoride MIGHT reduce dental caries
in a few children, while giving 50% of the entire population a new oral
disease that is a sign of skeletal poisoning! As the teeth are the only
visible part of the skeleton, if it is doing damage to the teeth
isn't it possible that it is also doing damage to the bones?

There are a growing number of published studies that show increased hip
fractures in fluoridated areas compared to non-fluoridated. The
government put in 1 part per million fluoride, which is like a pin dot
in a swimming pool. According to the BMAs Guide to New Drugs and
Medicines, fluoride causes dental fluorosis at 2ppm! And at “very high
levels (over 8ppm) may also lead to bone disorders and degenerative
changes in the kidneys, liver, adrenal glands, heart, central nervous
system and reproductive organs.”


What do pesticides, herbicides, rat poison, anesthetics, Sarin nerve
gas, Rohypnol (the date rape drug), and Prozac have in common? They all
work on the central nervous system and they contain FLUORIDE! A recent
Harvard University study has shown that fluoride can lower children’s
IQ. It is the 36th study to find a link to lowered IQs in fluoridated areas. Here is the opening line from a Chinese IQ study:
<blockquote class="tr_bq">It has been reported that fluoride can
penetrate the blood-brain barrier and accumulate in cerebral tissue
before birth, thereby apparently affecting children`s intelligence.
we really want to allow the unaccountable government to dump fluoride
acid into our drinking water with proven side-effects like this! Or
should we get active and bring this issue to our politicians, churches,
unions, schools and any other group that will help before this madness
goes ahead.


All US toothpaste tubes have a poison warning on them by Federal law.
Our tube says; keep out of the reach of children… supervise brushing…
don’t swallow… use no more than a pea-sized amount. The US tube

The reason this warning appears is because there is enough fluoride in a
tube of toothpaste to kill a child! The amount in the tube is 1/5th of a
level teaspoon. Amazingly, fluoride is a cumulative poison and is more
toxic than lead. However, you have a choice whether you use it or not.
Once it gets dumped in your drinking water all choice goes out the

What they are proposing to dump in is not fluoride … it is
hydrofluorosilicic acid. Which is the toxic waste of the phosphate
fertilizer and aluminium and nuclear industries. It has uranium,
strontium, lead, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, and 25 other contaminants,
as well as toxic fluoride. It is a toxic cocktail being promoted as
FLUORIDE. They get away with this because the government and industry
are keeping you in the dark and getting you to pay for their toxic
waste, which would cost them money to safely bury it.


98% of Europe has banned or rejected water fluoridation. Why, don't they
want good teeth? A lot of European countries have better teeth than the
Republic of Ireland, who have been fluoridated for 45 years! What is
worse, Spain and Holland have a fluoride toxic dumping problem caused by
their industries and their solution is to ship it to Britain and
Ireland and get you to eat it! Holland stopped adding fluoride after a
group of doctors carried out a double-blind study proving that fluoride
caused osteoporosis and arthritic pains, IBS, thyroid dysfunction, skin
rashes and dental damage called Dental fluorosis. After these doctors
ended fluoridation, they fought on and got the Constitution rewritten to
prevent fluoride from ever being added again!


Economically, fluoridation makes no sense. The water department admit to
loosing 40% of its water in underground leaks – that is 40% of our tax
money wasted! Out of the 60% that's left, industry and farming use
7/8ths of the water – more tax money wasted! Out of the 1/8th that comes
into your house, you drink 1%. The rest is flushed down the toilet,
washing clothes, dishes, etc.

The small target audience of children with the really bad teeth make up
3% of the population. So the massive dumping of fluoride acid into our
water is a total waste of our taxes.

Most importantly, fluoridation is a breach of FREEDOM of CHOICE. Why
should you drink someone else’s drug for the rest of your life just
because a small group of kids don't brush their teeth? This is a breach
of European Human Rights, but your government doesn't care because they
haven't signed up to them.


  • Fluoride acid added to water is mass-medication.
  • Fluoride acid has never been tested for safety or effectiveness.
  • Fluoride acid is contaminated with uranium, lead, mercury, arsenic, and 25 other chemicals.
  • Fluoridation is environmental pollution on a grand scale.
  • There is enough fluoride in a tube of toothpaste to kill a child.
  • 98% of Europe has rejected water fluoridation.
  • Fluoride has been shown to cause an increase in cancer.

I'm writing this article to help the Committee of 100 warn as many
people as possible of this impending disaster. We need another form of
government that doesn't give in to pressure from rich industries and put
our health at risk. Join groups fighting fluoride and help stop this
before it gets going!

Walter Graham gives a very comprehensive and easy to understand argument
on why we shouldn’t have fluoride in our water. I also asked Dounne
Alexander, another advisor to the Ministry of Health, about her
knowledge on the use of fluoride and she answered with this...


The best way to remove fluoride and 99% of all impurities from our
drinking water is by ‘reverse osmosis filtration’. Our water supply is
so heavily polluted, plus as it’s essential to drink ‘PURE Water’, I
always recommend reverse osmosis filter. Fresh Water Filter
manufacturers we use, give 15% discount to our customers. Therefore, if
your readers quote GRAM033377, they will also receive the discount
( : TEL 0208 558 7495). Additionally ‘activated
Charcoal Powder’ will also remove fluoride from our body. I’ve included a
short extract on fluoride below. It’s not only in our drinking water
but also toothpaste and mouthwash.


  • FLUORIDE was first introduced and given to the Jews during
    ‘world war ll and was put in their drinking water to make them
    complacent, docile and easy to control. It is also used in today’s
    prisons to dumb-down prisoners; keep them docile and under control.
  • FLUORIDE is the main ingredient in rat poison (as sodium fluoride) and is also in the anti-depressant drug ‘Prozac’.
  • FLUORIDE is actually an industrial toxic waste product manufactured
    by fertilizer industries (producing millions of tons annually) and
    contains aluminum, phosphoric acid and phosphates. In the 1930s the
    manufacturers used to discharge it in the air and waterways, which
    caused serious health damage (such as destroy the immune, digestive
    & respiratory systems, cancer, blood circulation, liver, kidneys,
    thyroid, brain function and premature aging); resulting in expensive
    lawsuits. Therefore, instead of paying out millions for disposal, the
    manufacturers cleverly convinced the Government, Medical Institutions to
    brain wash the general population that FLUORIDE is safe and beneficial
    for oral hygiene. It is now used throughout the world.
  • FLUORIDE also causes hyperactivity and lowers IQ in children.
    Fluoride also affects unborn babies when ingested by the mother. The
    babies blood-brain barrier is not fully developed and this allows
    fluoride, a neurotoxin, to penetrate and damage the brain more easily.
So why is it being including in our drinking water, toothpaste & mouthwash?

Exactly, why is fluoride being added to our drinking water? We are
looking for activists who want to start up a campaign to bring fluoride
awareness to the masses. You can contact us through the website.



Forced Medicine: The Philosophy Behind Fluoridation

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Fluoride Cocktail: The Elite's Elixir of Death
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