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 Why you should replace your amalgam fillings

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PostSubject: Why you should replace your amalgam fillings    Thu 28 Mar 2013, 21:13

Why you should replace your amalgam fillings

(NaturalNews) Research at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine
and other prominent medical schools, have demonstrated that mercury
vapor continuously escapes from dental amalgams and 80 percent of this
vapor is immediately absorbed through the lungs and into the
bloodstream. Once in the blood, mercury vapor enters into the cells
almost immediately. Mercury vapor from dental amalgam fillings is the
primary source of mercury contamination in most humans. 80 percent of
adults, specifically baby boomers, currently have amalgam fillings that
will release from four to 40 micrograms of mercury vapor per day,
depending on factors such as the number of fillings, their size, teeth
grinding and the presence of other metals in the mouth. Every day, we do
things to encourage the release of mercury vapor from amalgam fillings:
chewing gum, eating, drinking hot tea or coffee, having dental work
done and getting your teeth cleaned. Effects of exposure can vary
significantly depending on the tissues and/or organs involved as well as
other genetic and health factors. According to Dr. Russell Blaylock,
mercury can damage many bodily systems, although the nervous, immune and
cardiovascular systems seem to suffer the most adverse effects of
chronic exposure. He also states that there is growing evidence that
mercury toxicity plays a vital role in a significant number of
Alzheimer's cases along with other neurodegenerative diseases.

Protecting yourself from mercury exposure

An article published in the British Dental Journal (2001) stated that in 15-20 percent of dental offices, the mercury
vapor concentration levels were 10 times higher than the current safety
limit set by OSHA. So how can you protect yourself from mercury
poisoning? An excellent first step is replacing your current dentist
with a biological dentist. Even if you choose to not have amalgam fillings
done, by choosing to see a traditional dentist, you increase your risk
of mercury exposure, from someone else's procedure, since even a simple
dental cleaning will release mercury vapor into your dentist's office.

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Why you should replace your amalgam fillings
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