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 Bitcoin a smashing success worldwide

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PostSubject: Bitcoin a smashing success worldwide   Tue 09 Apr 2013, 15:47

Bitcoin a smashing success worldwide - exceeds $1 billion in value as other currencies fail

(NaturalNews) Within just a few short years, Bitcoin is a currency to be
reckoned with. Already its value has topped $1 billion with greater
gains predicted for the future. As a revolutionary and independent
virtual currency, many are flocking to bitcoin in an attempt to avoid
seizure of bank funds and plummeting economies tied to central banks.
What's more, a wide range of opportunities to use Bitcoin are becoming
more commonplace as this innovative and safe currency grows in

Cutting edge currency circumvents central banking system

For those unfamiliar with the currency and the advantages it holds, RT: Question More provides a succinct overview:

is an experimental, decentralized digital currency first introduced in
2009, which allows instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world.
Bitcoins do not physically exist and are not issued by a central bank."

news agency also reports that, "Already bigger than many sovereign
currencies, Bitcoin has broken the $1 billion in value mark this week
[March 31, 2013]. In the wake of continuing economic crises and
liquidity shortages, this new virtual currency is poised to challenge
the euro and US dollar."

Mike Adams, editor of Natural News,
observes that Bitcoin is "revolutionary" in that "all transactions are
(virtually) free, and Bitcoin money can be freely sent or received
globally, from any country, with no regulations or restrictions."

Anonymity is maintained through Bitcoin e-wallets which incorporate unique ID numbers for each client.

Expanding markets

those who aren't willing to wait around for an economic collapse or to
have their bank accounts looted, Bitcoin is an attractive option. Scores
of people are developing creative ways to acquire and use the currency.
Canadian Taylor More is just one example. His two-bedroom bungalow in
Alberta is listed for sale in exchange for Bitcoins -- 5,362 to be

Likewise, the NaturalNews Store has announced the
acceptance of Bitcoin for everything it offers including superfoods,
nutritional supplements, heirloom organic garden seeds, salt lamps and
much more. Additionally, online businesses often welcome the virtual
currency for their wares or services. Clothing, domain hosting,
electronics, sporting goods, home accessories along with hotel rooms and
taxis are some of the options available for Bitcoin use.

believes Bitcoin is the best defense against failing economic
structures. "Because it has no central authority no one can freeze
accounts. So people are seeing the beauty of it, especially considering
what is going on in Cyprus with everyone's bank accounts being frozen. This is a way to keep your savings safe," he reasons in the article, Canadian house first on sale for Bitcoin currency.

In view of Bitcoin's phenomenal success
over such a brief period of time, many are convinced that new markets
to use the currency will continue to rapidly develop. Rick Falkvinge,
founder of the Swedish Pirate Party, "estimated that Bitcoin could
capture between 1 and 10 percent of the global foreign exchange market, "
as stated in Challenging the dollar: Bitcoin total tops $1 billion.
"This implies that the price of each and every Bitcoin would rise to
between $100,000 and $1 million," according to Max Keiser, host of RT
news Keiser Report.

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Bitcoin a smashing success worldwide
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