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 How to Get the Police to Rush Away and Hide

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PostSubject: How to Get the Police to Rush Away and Hide   Tue 23 Apr 2013, 10:17

How to Get the Police to Rush Away and Hide

Ruth Hull
Activist Post

The police may be fearless when they are shooting an unarmed law-abiding
citizen, like Jose de la Trinidad, in the back seven times but their
guts disintegrate when you pull out a camera. Notice anything missing
from the photographed sheriff's facility to the right, like officers?

On November 10, 2012, an unarmed, innocent Jose de la Trinidad was shot
seven times in the back by Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies from the
Lynwood substation. Think about it. One-two-three-four-five-six-seven
shots in the back, fired by an officer paid to protect citizens and not
shoot them.

On April 20, 2013, Southern California residents again took to the
streets to protest the violent slaughter of this innocent man. Among
those present were Jose's wife Rosie, his daughter Aurora (pictured
below), her daughter Jocelyn (pictured to the left of niece Marina),
their attorney Arnoldo Casillas, and other family, friends and
supporters. (Commentary: This was a nice family and these were
beautiful people. Jose had as much of a right to live as you or I or our
loved ones.)

As protesters marched through the streets of Lynwood to the Sheriff's
facility connected to the gun-happy deputy, they were greeted by almost
non-stop honks from cars passing by. People came out of their homes to
take photographs. Part way through the march, Jose's brother-in-law
Carlos Flores pulled up in his van and provided marchers with water.

Some of the most popular chants were, "No justice; no peace; no killer
police," "Justice for Jose; jail killer cops," and "Hey, hey, ho, ho;
these killer cops have got to go. Hey, hey,ho,ho; these racist cops have
got to go."

Pictured here is Trinidad family attorney Arnoldo Casillas , who has filed an action against the officers involved.

Also present were grieving relatives of other innocent individuals
killed by law enforcement. The family and friends of Michael Nida were
present. His best friend Damien Ramirez gave an impassioned speech and
announced an upcoming rally for "Mikey" on May 4th in Downy. Genevieve
Huizar, also pictured, is mother of Manuel Diaz, killed by the Anaheim

As the group rallied in front of the Sheriff's facilities, this writer
entered the complex. Nobody was visible inside one of the facilities,
which contained metal detectors and checkpoints. In the other facility,
an officer seeing the camera left. He returned when the camera was put
down. When the cell phone camera came out, he quickly left again, both
times going behind a somewhat mirrored glass wall and leaving nobody to
assist the members of the public.

Perhaps the best weapon against killer cops is a camera, as noted by
Corrie Cline in her sign above. Would Michael Nida or Jose Trinidad be
alive if quick-draw camera buffs had aimed and started filming as rogue
officers started to pull out their weapons? We'll never know, But,
then again, a camera might save the next potential victim.

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How to Get the Police to Rush Away and Hide
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