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 FDA declares BPA exposure is safe!

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PostSubject: FDA declares BPA exposure is safe!   Wed 24 Apr 2013, 18:51

FDA declares BPA exposure is safe! Don't worry about gender-bender chemicals

(NaturalNews) Despite countless scientific evidence explaining the dangers of Bisphenol-A (BPA), the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) refuses to ban this highly profitable industrial chemical. In
their "current perspective on BPA" the FDA now states that the chemical
is "safe" at the exposure level listed on current product packaging.

BPA - wreaking havoc on hormones

is an industrial chemical found in many metal-based food cans and hard
plastic bottles. It has been used since the 1940s and has evolved into a
major industry, with over six billion pounds of BPA produced globally
each year. With this much synthetic chemical running amok in the land
and water, there are definitely consequences. In fact, BPA is a
synthetic estrogen, which means it can disrupt the endocrine process in
the body, manipulating estrogen levels. This affect has been
scientifically linked to developmental disorders, cancer, heart disease,
diabetes, early puberty, learning disabilities, and infertility.

Infertility and hysterectomy on the rise

that manufacture BPA like Bayer, Dow, Hexion Specialty Chemicals, SABIC
Innovative Plastics, and Sunoco need to look for more health- and
environmentally-friendly ways to produce their products. BPA is
responsible for infertility that is growing at an alarming rate. Take,
for instance, the growing rate of hysterectomies - a surgical procedure
that removes a woman's feminine parts. This procedure is simply the
medical establishment's reactionary response to a women's infertility.
This procedure now occurs 1,616 times per day in the United States. BPA
definitely plays a role in disrupting a woman's hormones, causing
fibroid and cysts that beckon infertility. The medical establishment
only knows how to respond to infertility with surgery. Correcting the
root problem of infertility
by eliminating toxins is usually discarded as a waste of time, but
detoxifying feminine parts with cleansing herbs is a very practical way
to preserve a women's fertility.

FDA's wobbly stance on BPA cannot be trusted

years of claiming that hormone-mimicking BPA was "safe for all uses,"
the FDA came out in 2010 and changed its stance. After assessing new
scientific data at the time, they began to show "some concern" that the
affects of BPA may be dangerous on infants and fetuses. They went on to
support efforts to rid the chemical from infant formula cans and baby
bottles. Now, in 2013, the FDA
is stating that the BPA exposure listed on today's packaging is
perfectly "safe". How can their off and on claims be trusted? A chemical
not fit for children can't be any safer for adults. Sadly enough, most
tests on BPA exposure find that 93 percent of urine samples contain
trace amounts of BPA. This statistic suggests that most people are now
walking around with synthetic chemicals in their body, harboring a
disrupted hormonal structure. This hormonal havoc may even be
contributing to bizarre mating habits and the loss of gender identity,
especially during puberty.

Fish are losing their gender and species identity

As BPA fills the land and the water, it is poisoning the wildlife as well. Researchers from the University of New Orleans and the [i]University of Minnesota [/i]published
a study on the affects of BPA on fish populations. Their research
suggests that by disrupting the fish's hormones, the BPA causes changes
in the behavior and appearance of the fish, which leads certain species
of fish to breed with different species. The research found that BPA
exposure affected female mating choice. The female fish becomes confused
by the changes in the male fish's appearance and behavior.

The tough question to ask, "Is this happening in the human population as well?

Stop BPA before it depopulates the planet

the human population to thrive, males and females must remain fertile,
reproducing, growing as strong functional families. When chemicals like
BPA run rampant, polluting the people's consumable goods, the ability to
reproduce, think and function optimally is replaced with synthetic
hormonal disruptions. If BPA continues to be produced at the rate of six
billion pounds annually, then the Earth will depopulate, change its
mating habits, as infertility erodes a population who may lose their
gender identity altogether.

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FDA declares BPA exposure is safe!
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