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 Forty percent of parents still giving kids dangerous medication that harms children

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PostSubject: Forty percent of parents still giving kids dangerous medication that harms children    Sun 28 Apr 2013, 09:30

Forty percent of parents still giving kids dangerous medication that harms children

(NaturalNews) Despite years of warnings from the medical establishment
about the dangers over-the-counter medications pose for young children,
it is alarming to know that as many as 40 percent of parents are still
giving their kids these harmful substances.

The latest University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital
National Poll on Children's Health found that 40 percent of parents
have given their young children (under the age of four years old)
medicines they should not be giving. Among others, these parents
reported administering cough medicine, as well as various multi-symptom
cold and cough medicines to their kids.

In addition, the survey found that 25 percent of those parents also gave their children decongestants.

Parents have been forewarned

A news release from the University of Michigan Health System
said kids can get as many as five to 10 colds a year, so it seems
understandable that parents would try over-the-counter cough and cold
remedies in order to mitigate the children's symptoms.

But the Food and Drug Administration
(FDA) has said clearly that such over-the-counter meds should not be
given to babies and kids who are younger than two years of age. In fact,
according to Dr. Matthew M. Davis, director of the C.S. Mott Children's Hospital poll, those medicines can have very serious side effects on children who are under four years of age.

2008, manufacturers of these over-the-counter medicines were advised by
the FDA to change their labels, warning parents that they should not be
given to young children.
Davis says these medicines not only fail to shorten the duration of the
illness but also that over-the-counter meds can often be labeled as
"children's" medication, but the back of the box contains a small-print
warning for parents.

says that, among other side effects, the cough and cold remedies
include allergic reactions, drowsiness or sleeplessness, nausea and
constipation. Davis says parents should read the directions or consult
their family doctor before giving their young children any over-the-counter medications for these common ailments.

products don't reduce the time the infection will lasts and misuse
could lead to serious harm," Davis says. "What can be confusing,
however, is that often these products are labeled prominently as
'children's' medications. The details are often on the back of the box,
in small print. That's where parents and caregivers can find
instructions that they should not be used in children under four years

He adds:

"Products like these may work for adults,
and parents think it could help their children as well. But what's good
for adults is not always good for children. Because young children often
suffer from cold-like symptoms, more research is needed to test the
safety and efficacy of these cough and cold medicines in our littlest

Try these natural remedies

Indeed, there are better, natural treatments for colds and coughs:

It's not just for seasoning your food. Garlic is a strong immune system
enhancer and strengthener, but it also is effective as an antibacterial
and antiviral. One of the best ways to "administer" this herb is to
drink fresh garlic tea. Add raw honey, a tiny pinch of cayenne pepper
and a squeeze of lemon juice.

Raw honey and lemon. Cough
and cold got your throat sore? Try a combo of raw honey and lemon. This
combination helps stop the "tickle" in your throat caused by drainage.
The honey contains helpful enzymes and nutrients that kill bacteria and
viruses; the lemon contains vitamin C and antioxidants to boost immune
system function.

Chicken soup. Your mother was right;
chicken soup really does soothe and treat common colds and coughs. Just
remember to use all-organic ingredients.

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Forty percent of parents still giving kids dangerous medication that harms children
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