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 1.3 million wrongly treated after false positives from mammograms

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PostSubject: 1.3 million wrongly treated after false positives from mammograms    Tue 14 May 2013, 15:32

1.3 million wrongly treated after false positives from mammograms

(NaturalNews) The Susan G. Komen for breast cancer awareness reports on
their site that breast cancer will strike more than 1.3 million women
annually over the next 20 years. They are proud to report that 70
percent of women 40 and older receive regular mammograms now. What they
aren't telling the public is that their pharmaceutical and
radiation-funding "awareness" project is giving millions of women false
diagnoses by the very mammogram technology they promote. As a matter of
fact, the New England Journal of Medicine has identified
approximately 1.3 million cases of misdiagnosed breast cancer,
concluding that mammograms are leading millions of women astray, making
them believe they have cancer when they really don't.

This means
that the highly entrusted mammograms are manifesting millions of fake
cancers, sending millions of unsuspecting women through further unneeded
tests, procedures, medications, and radiation.

Where's the breast cancer awareness money going?

of "ending breast cancer forever", as the Susan G. Komen cause claims,
they are actually funding perpetual mammogram testing and subsequent
medication and radiation that is only feeding the medical industry and
the cancer itself. The Komen Race for the Cure alone has raised $2
billion. Where is this money going? It's definitely not going to find a
cure, but rather fooling millions of women into believing they have
cancer, when they really don't.

It's all very much a corporate scam. The Susan G. Komen
awareness is really a company, with a long list of high paid employees,
marketers and executives, who do nothing but promote a color and a
title. Thirty-nine-point-one percent of their $390 million worth of
assets goes toward public health education, which obviously doesn't
point anyone toward proper nutrition utilization, but instead teaches
women to get their routine screening and swallow their pill. The money
they raise practically goes straight into buying the very mammogram
testing machines that are perpetuating the problem. According to the
cause, the single most effective screening tool to fight breast cancer is in fact, the holy mammogram The rest of their money goes right into fundraising and radio ads that promote their deceptive process.

Breast cancer reality check

mammograms detect cancer at 'stage zero.' This non-invasive cancer,
left untreated, does not progress, does not cause further harm, and does
not become invasive. It regresses without medication, without
radiation. Sadly though, millions of women are being put through the
system, unintentionally lied to, even as evidence suggests that all
these stage zero breast cancer
detections are misleading. The whole screening system is just bloating
statistics of breast cancer in the US and ramming new patients through
the system.

The Komen cause proudly reveals that the largest
group of cancer survivors in the US is breast cancers survivors (3
million). This fact is only true because most breast cancer survivors
"survived" cancer that was non-invasive or was regressive in the first
place. In fact, according to the journal Lancet Oncology, a cohort study verified that even most "invasive" cancers appear to regress with time if left untreated.

scientific study also points out that "The introduction of screening
mammography in the United States has been associated with a doubling in
the number of cases of early-stage breast cancer that are detected each
year." And yet, they noted, "Only 6.5 percent of these early-stage
breast cancer cases were expected to progress to advanced disease."

Here's the even bigger con

put off low energy x-ray 30kVp radiation, which is 300 percent more
carcinogenic than high energy radiation that comes from atomic bomb
blasts! This fact goes unnoticed, because today's radiation risk models
were developed before DNA was even discovered.

What scientists
should be developing is real scanning technology that goes after the
mammogram itself, exposing its low energy radiation effects on human

When DNA is exposed to low energy radiation put off by mammograms,
the genes that are susceptible to breast cancer, BRCA1 and BRCA2,
actually interfere with the body's self repairing DNA mechanism. As the
body tries to reduce the carcinogens that are welcomed in by the
radiation, it becomes more susceptible to developing cancer.

medical community must understand that x-ray based mammography is not
preventing but actually enabling future breast cancer by 'torturing'

Women everywhere shouldn't feel obligated to submit to
radiation mammograms that are misdiagnosing and actually causing cancer,
and the Susan G. Komen "breast cancer awareness" needs to tell women
the truth. The pink parade is over.

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1.3 million wrongly treated after false positives from mammograms
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