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 Civil disobedience rising across America as citizens fed up with criminal government

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PostSubject: Civil disobedience rising across America as citizens fed up with criminal government    Thu 23 May 2013, 20:56

Civil disobedience rising across America as citizens fed up with criminal government

(NaturalNews) To many veterans of the 1960s-era civil rights movement
there is a rising angst and discourse among the populace that is eerily
familiar to them.

Nearly everywhere you turn, crowds of angry
Americans are gathering, no longer content to merely sit idly by and
remain spectators to the cavalcade of injustices being perpetuated ad nauseum against We the People by criminal governments that have long since lost their legitimacy.

by an elitist ruling class, they prove daily that an elected body can
trample rights the same as a sitting monarch or dictator.

soft tyranny we endure now on a daily basis has turned scores of
Americans into reluctant activists, no longer satisfied with
participation in mundane "demonstrations" that prove and accomplish

Rising tide of anger

Some recent cases in
point bear rise to this unrest, and if history is a guide, such
occurrences will only become more frequent - and more violent - as our
rights, traditions and heritage are trampled, disregarded and

Take one case in New Jersey recently, where a state
Senate panel on gun control cut off testimony on a bill - citing
"procedure" - when citizens in attendance clearly had more they wanted
to say, as evidenced by their requests to do so from the gallery. As
seen in this video,
a couple of individuals who attempted to speak were made to leave by a
court police officer, but when one man - Frank Fiamingo, president of
the New Jersey Second Amendment Society - had enough of the Senate
panel's dismissive attitude, he organized the dozens of attendees into
reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, at which time the a) the Senate panel
abandoned its attempts to have audience members thrown out; and b)
mostly refused to stand during the recitation of the pledge (one senator
finally stood towards the end of the pledge).

Here's how it went down, according to one witness account:

a late start, and a "ten minute break" that lasted more than a half
hour, the NJ Senate committee on gun control decides to cut off public
comment on the proposed gun control bills at 4 o'clock. The chairman and
most of the committee then refuse to honor the pledge of allegiance.
This took place at the NJ Senate gun control hearings in Trenton on
April 30, 2013. People in the audience were wearing NRA caps which I am
sure was not lost on the Senate committee members. The officers from the
court who were harassing the people who attended at the end of the clip
looked from behind like jack booted Nazi enforcers.

The anger in the room was palpable, as was the frustration.

Freedom going out of style?

a separate protest, civil rights activist Adam Kokesh - who has
pre-announced an armed civil disobedience march on Washington D.C. on
July 4th - was violently dragged from a "Smoke Down Prohibition" protest
in Philadelphia over the weekend of May 18. Though in this video Kokesh, who is being dragged away from the event by police, has his hands up and is clearly not resisting arrest, that was the ultimate charge leveled against him, according to Natural News founder and editor, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger:

to Adam Kokesh supporter "Brother Lucas," Kokesh never even smoked pot
during the protest, so his arrest is sending shockwaves across the
liberty movement because it appears to be illegal and unjustified. The
video seems to depict a lawless gang of badge-wearing thugs committing
an act of kidnapping against someone merely exercising their free speech
rights in a public forum.

What is interesting - even
encouraging, if you are lover of liberty - was the reaction of the crowd
to Kokesh's detention. As you can see in the video, demonstrators
followed police to a barricade they reinforced after taking Kokesh
through it. The crowd openly challenged officers and was visibly angry.

are scenes being repeated all around the country, and with increasing
frequency, as more Americans tire of the soft tyranny being directed at
them on a daily basis. Look for more unrest in the future.

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Civil disobedience rising across America as citizens fed up with criminal government
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