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 Dr David Kelly – Protest – Royal Courts of Justice

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PostSubject: Dr David Kelly – Protest – Royal Courts of Justice   Tue 16 Jul 2013, 20:30

Dr David Kelly – Protest – Royal Courts of Justice – 18th July 2pm – Updated

Dr David Kelly – Protest – Royal Courts of Justice – 18th July 2pm

Demand An Inquest Into His Death ! Don’t Let Them ‘Gag The Truth’
For more information, contact or 07718 542177 or search for ‘David Kelly – Gagging The Truth’ on Facebook.
By King Alfred
Are you sick of illegal wars, the war on terror, propaganda, lies and false flag terrorism.
Have you lost a loved one as a result ?
Have you felt isolated and powerless to stop it ?
Well this is your big chance to get together and make a real difference.
United we stand Divided we fall.
Give the good people within the establishment ( they do still exist ) the mandate from the public that they need to get an inquest held in public. A high turnout will likely achieve this and perhaps more. Make the effort !
The cracks are appearing, the boat is rocking folks and this is a critical issue.
Now is your opportunity to make  Cameron, Blair and their friends sweat, the keys to Pandora’s box are there for the taking.
Take a moment to consider this -  If the powers that be get away with whitewashing what in my view was the rather obvious murder of Dr Kelly this then you or one of yours might be bumped off next. There are many other potential whistleblowers who have died in suspicious circumstances.
A coroner opened an inquest to investigate his death but the inquest was cancelled when the government asked Lord Hutton, a retired Law Lord, to conduct a special inquiry instead. The inquiry stated that Dr Kelly committed suicide.
Care of the Dr David Kelly Inquest Fund website set up by Margaret Hindle with the co-operation of the doctors pleading for an inquest into Dr David Kelly’s death.
Quote :
28 June 2013 – 2pm
On 18th July, the tenth anniversary of Dr Kelly’s death, we will be staging a silent protest between 2pm and 4pm outside the Royal Courts of Justice in London to show that we have not given up the struggle.
All are welcome at this respectful occasion, of which the Metropolitan Police have been informed.  For further details get in touch via the “Contact Us” page.
Surprisingly the Redditch Advertiser have covered this story shaming the national press. The full article and more information can be found here.
Some excerpts
Quote :
A REDDITCH woman is to join fellow campaigners and descend on London to demand the re-opening of an inquest into the death of Dr David Kelly, 10 years after he died.
Redditch woman Margaret Hindle is preparing to don a gag for the silent protest, to mark a decade since  Dr Kelly’s death.
Campaigners in the ‘Gagging The Truth’ protest will stand in silence, outside London’s Royal Courts of Justice, from 2-4pm on Thursday, July 18 – the date when Dr Kelly’s body was found.
She said: “If Dr Kelly’s death is the only single unexplained death since the 14th century not to receive a proper coronial inquest, we ask, why?  For him, no jury, no oath, no subpoena nor cross-examination of witnesses, and no requirement to prove suicide beyond all reasonable doubt. Yet he was a world-renowned WMD inspector who visited Iraq nearly 40 times.” read more.

Now for the part that might make Cameron and Blair sweat, a series of allegations regarding missing  South African nuclear weapons, Israel, WMD’s and fraudulent funding.
see footage at 1min  Care of Ukcolumn a website and news service run by former Royal Navy Officer Brian Gerrish.

The Daily Mail article referred to in the video can be found here.
Quote :
Revealed: How a Blair fixer picked the judge for the David Kelly Inquiry just three hours after the weapons inspector’s suicide

    Quote :
    Letter from Lord Hutton shows he was asked three hours after the death

    Quote :
    He had not been identified and no cause of death had been established

    Quote :
    Hutton was contacted by Blair’s friend and former flatmate Lord falconer

    Quote :
    Is evidence of the extraordinary haste with which the Blair Government set up an inquiry to replace the usual coroner’s inquest

Key sections of the  information below were emailed to the Redditch MP Karen Lumley ( Tory ) on the 26th November 2011 nothing other than an automated response confirming delivery was received.
Two men of spooky / military backgrounds one British and one American have published information regarding the death  of Dr Kelly.
The links below lead to some of their publications, I make no recommendations, be your own judge question everything.
excerpt from
Quote :
They confirmed the murder of Dr. David Kelly.  They tied Cameron to Kelly and Kelly to the
missing nuclear weapons in South Africa.
excerpt from
Quote :
On the Labour Party side Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and others were also implicated in that money was received and they all knew the situation in regard to Iraq both before and after. More recently at the Chilcott Iraq Inquiry they all hid vital evidence. The inquiry was a staged event to clear the names of leading figures who were in office at the time.
It is therefore the purpose of this article to look behind the scenes of these events as they unfolded and show that none of the current leaders, past and present are worthy of representing any position of authority and should in actual fact be under investigation by MI5/6 and the police.
excerpt from
Quote :
In actual fact, six of them were supposed to go to Chicago to be decommissioned, and fusels materials were to be returned to South Africa, and three of them were purchased by Maggie Thatcher’s Government, and in actual fact, our current Prime Minister David Cameron, young man of 24 at the time, went down there and did the deal.
excerpt from
Quote :
The missing nuclear weapons that Dr. David Kelly was directly involved in moving from South African and Israeli hands to British custody are one of the biggest secrets in recent history.  That they were stolen and one of the weapons exploded in North Korea, a fact verified by western intelligence services, would be a security concern but is also a serious crime.  Britain has a law called The Nuclear Explosions Act.  This law states that if any “British resident” has knowledge of a nuclear explosion not involved in a war, they may be imprisoned for life, initially even without trial.  The purpose of the law was to punish any British citizen or resident who got involved in trading nuclear weapons or hiding information.
One British citizen is at the center of this enquiry, former Prime Minister Tony Blair, tied to allegations that he had been briefed in 1997 about missing nuclear weapons and failed to act to recover them.  Stories coming in list mysterious campaign donations, millions, from foreign arms dealers, not just to Blair but even earlier on, funding John Major’s campaign as well.  The British “spooks” pressing stories on the papers, stories still largely suppressed, have much of Britain’s government involved in running interference for these illicit nuclear weapons.
Quote :
Hypocrisy and this insidious culture of secrecy
Several inquiries have attempted to  investigate this charge with respect to the war with Iraq. The first, by Lord Hutton,  was considered a ‘whitewash’ after it was accused of giving the Government an easy ride over its failures. Now, the Chilcot inquiry seems set to go the same way.
These inquiries have one key principle in common: the public’s right to know about the use and misuse of power. But what the public has discovered is governments of all parties are guilty of covering up the most serious abuses of power.
How else could one interpret the decision this week by Attorney General Dominic Grieve, who vetoed the release of documents detailing minutes of Cabinet meetings in the days leading up to the invasion of Iraq? In a separate move, the Foreign Office successfully appealed against a judge’s ruling and blocked the disclosure of extracts of a conversations between Tony Blair and George W. Bush days before the invasion.
Quote :
Powerless speech? Witness Strategies in the HuttonInquiry
1. Introduction
Witness discourse has often been associated with powerless speech (O’Barr / Atkins 1980), which was considered to be influenced byrelatively low social status and lack of previous courtroom experience. The Hutton Inquiry offered a rare opportunity to examinethe discourse of witnesses who possessed a high social status, andwere familiar with restricted question and answer formats.
Kelly’s name was controversially confirmed to the press by theMinistry of Defence on 9 July 2003. Dr Kelly was called to appearbefore two parliamentary committees, the Foreign Affairs Committee,and the Intelligence and Security Committee, which were investigating the issue. On 17 July 2003, after his second appearancebefore the Foreign Affairs Committee, Dr Kelly disappeared and hisbody was found the next day. Given the controversy surrounding theevents leading to Dr Kelly’s death the government announced theirdecision to hold an independent judicial inquiry.The Hutton Inquiry heard testimony from 74 witnesses overapproximately 100 hours of examination. The witnesses in the HuttonInquiry mainly came from the government, the Ministry of Defenceand the BBC. Members of the Kelly family, friends of Dr Kelly andexpert witnesses were also called, primarily in the first stage.
Quote :
5.) Several days after his testimony and while preparing for a trip with his wife, Dr. Kelly was found dead in a park nearby his home, which was ruled a suicide. On the day he “committed suicide” he had sent an email to New York Times reporter Judith Miller in which he said “many dark actors playing games.”
Quote :
6.) Leading physicians and first responders who arrived at the park and inspected Kelly’s body did not think he committed suicide, even going so far as to sue the British government to prove their case.”
“Dr David Kelly was befriended by Mrs Mai Pederson, an undercover US intelligence agent. Dr Kelly, a leading weapons expert, was found dead by police in the woods near his home after being named as the insider who spoke to journalists about the lies told by the UK and US governments to justify the invasion of Iraq. Mrs Pederson was “one of the very first people to know that Dr Kelly’s body had been found.”


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Dr David Kelly – Protest – Royal Courts of Justice
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