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 The top six better substitutes for sugar

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PostSubject: The top six better substitutes for sugar    Sun 24 Nov 2013, 15:25

The top six better substitutes for sugar

(NaturalNews) White sugar has been found to increase the risk of developing different health problems, like interfering with normal insulin action, raising blood sugar levels and a lot more. Eating this or any foods that are rich in white sugar can even aggravate one's health problems. The most effective method of keeping blood sugar levels down is by avoiding the intake of processed sugars, as well as including protein in small amounts in each meal. A renowned nutritionist, Naini Setalvad, has suggested six better and healthier substitutes that people can freely use instead of white sugar.

People often crave sweets because the body is imbalanced. However, consuming white sugar will not solve that imbalance. Listed below are healthier and yummier substitutes to white sugar.

Here's the list:

  • Honey
Honey is a better alternative to white sugar because it is alkaline in nature. This means that it does not produce gas or acids. In turn, it also helps strengthen the heart and prevent the onset of fever, cough and colds. It has also been found to help purify the blood. People who have high blood pressure should take honey, as the acetylcholine found in the honey helps increase blood flow to the heart, therefore decreasing one's blood pressure. This can be added to beverages or used as a sweetener in desserts.

  • Sugarcane juice
Though white sugar comes from sugarcane, the process by which it is refined takes out a lot of the useful nutrients. The juice from sugarcane actually has vitamins B and C, as well as various organic salts like iron, calcium and manganese. This is good for those who suffer from anemia and jaundice. Natural, fresh juice from sugarcane can be taken as a refreshing beverage, even without adding lemon, ginger or any other ingredient for flavor.

  • Jaggery
This is often called as "medicinal sugar," and it is frequently used to cure constipation, coughs and indigestion. It has a large amount of mineral content. In terms of usage, this is the closest alternative to sugar. People can get jaggery in the form of a powder, liquid or even a solid block. This can be used to sweeten a lot of Indian treats.

  • Dried fruits
Popular dried fruits include raisins, prunes, dates and figs. Dates are a great source of iron, vitamin B, potassium and fiber. Raisins can be used to sweeten food. Figs are great for those who have digestive problems. These are also great for fighting asthma, coughs and colds. Prunes are rich in fiber and can help people have a healthy digestive system. When people have a strong craving for sugar, dried fruits are a great choice compared to white sugar.

  • Fresh fruits
Instead of taking in white sugar or foods that are rich in it, fruits like apples, oranges, mangoes, watermelons and papayas will do the trick. The sugar they contain isn't as concentrated as white sugar. These are also full of nutrients, but with none of the unwanted fat.

  • Stevia
Stevia is a South American herb that has been found to help lower hypertension. It is also great for the reduction of stomach acidity and gas. This is the only sweetener that is suggested for diabetics.

These are six healthier alternatives to white sugar. Experts recommend that, instead of white sugar, the above-mentioned alternatives can be used in one's daily diet.

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The top six better substitutes for sugar
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