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 3 everyday things to keep away from your children

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PostSubject: 3 everyday things to keep away from your children    Sat 08 Mar 2014, 18:54

3 everyday things to keep away from your children

(NaturalNews) Below are three everyday things that should not be given to your children because they are high in carcinogens and other toxins. Being everyday items, early exposure during one's childhood means that the amount of toxins that can accumulate over the child's lifetime is substantially life-threatening.

"Bad" Fats
Contrary to common knowledge, the "bad" fats children should be kept away from are not saturated fats. Instead what parents should be wary of are the artificially created "trans-fats", otherwise known as "hydrogenated" or "partially hydrogenated" fats.

These manufactured fats are used rampantly in processed foods (eg. fried, baked, or packaged foods, and margarines) to increase their shelf-life. If you are not careful, your children could be consuming quite a bit of this poison everyday.

Trans-fatty-acids reduce sensitivity to insulin, and together with a diet full of refined sugars, are a sure formula for diabetes. Trans-fatty acids are also associated with autoimmune diseases like asthma, through increasing inflammation. More free radicals have been found in the urine of those who consumed more trans-fats, indicating the higher cancer risk trans-fats confer, especially in the absence of antioxidant foods. Trans-fats also contribute to "high cholesterol" by raising LDL and lowering HDL.

So to keep your children healthy, trans-fats are one of the things to eliminate from their everyday diet.

Fluoridated water
Water is a necessity for life. But fluoridated water is not. In fact, fluoridated water is a source of harm to any person, least to say a child who is still developing.

Fluoridated water has been found to weaken teeth and bones, disrupt hormonal balances (e.g. melatonin, thyroid hormones), and contribute to heavy metal (e.g. lead) toxicity. Fluoride can also affect children's brain development and inhibit their immune system. What is worse, you need not ingest fluoride; bathing in it alone is harmful enough.

Even in low concentrations (such as the levels added to water supplies), fluoride damages enzymes involved in DNA repair. This explains the strong connection between fluoride and cancer.

So if your area fluoridates its water supply, you might want to start filtering your tap water using a reverse osmosis filter. Also, give your child non-fluoridated dental products (e.g. toothpaste, mouth-rinse) instead of fluoridated ones.

Conventionally touted as a nutritious food with multiple health benefits, soy is found in as many as two-thirds of everyday processed foods. Yet, soy (very often genetically modified) can actually be an extremely harmful food.

While fermented soy (i.e. tempeh, miso, natto and tamari) can be healthy, soy in its unfermented state actually contains many harmful components. These toxins include anti-nutrients which hinder protein digestion, goitrogens which suppress thyroid functions, phytates that prevent the absorption of important minerals, phytoestrogens that mimic and block estrogen in the body, as well as toxic levels of aluminum and manganese.

Hence, it is not surprising that soy is linked to increased risk of cancer, brain damage, thyroid disorders, kidney stones, fertility problems, food allergies, birth defects, as well as weakened immunity. The use of soy infant formula has also been linked to irreversible harm to infants' sexual maturation at puberty, increased risk of behavioral problems and impairments in thyroid functions.

So be sure to keep away from soy products (also known as bouillon, natural flavour, texturized plant protein, tofu) when selecting foods for your children. Always read food labels carefully and keep away from processed foods as much as you can. And NEVER use soy infant formulas.
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3 everyday things to keep away from your children
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