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 Secondhand smoke linked to increased miscarriages, stillbirths

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PostSubject: Secondhand smoke linked to increased miscarriages, stillbirths    Sat 22 Mar 2014, 19:47

Secondhand smoke linked to increased miscarriages, stillbirths

(NaturalNews) What if I told you that secondhand smoke causes the same health detriment as it does for the primary smoker? What comes out of the mouths and noses of smokers as they exhale their "habit" is just as lethal to the lungs, heart and brain for those in the room as what is being pulled from the cigarette by the smokers themselves, and we're talking about 4,000 chemicals. A new study out of Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York, has proven with science and immense data what we've suspected for decades for pregnant mothers, and that is that health damage is being done to the same degree as if they actually were smoking cigarettes themselves -- just by being in the same room, or even house, with a smoker. This consistent "behavior" coincides with a higher rate of miscarriages, stillbirths and fetal deaths.

Secondhand smoke causes diseases and death in babies
Most people think it takes 20 years or more for secondhand cigarette smoke to do damage to those inhaling, whether at homes, in bars, at neighbors' "smoking" houses or at parties. Just standing around smokers and breathing in, over and over, leads to severe health consequences, including infant deaths. This study was done using "quantified, lifetime exposure levels." The Women's Health Initiative Observational Study involved over 80,000 women sharing information about secondhand smoke that they were exposed to their WHOLE lives and any history of pregnancy issues.

Researchers also took into account other health issues and contributing health problems like obesity and alcohol. Stillbirths were over 20 percent higher on average. That's one in five children! For women exposed to secondhand smoke their whole lives (about 20 years or more), the risk of stillbirth is for EVERY OTHER CHILD, including spontaneous abortion. Can you imagine? Any parent engaged in such irresponsible behavior is living in total denial and is essentially committing second degree murder. It's like involuntary manslaughter (or baby-slaughter in this case). If you read this research and still do it, it may as well be classified as first degree murder. This is nearly the same as playing Russian roulette with three bullets loaded randomly in six chambers. Would you do THAT with your baby just for a smoke to relieve yourself with that nicotine fix?

On average, the risk of miscarriage for secondhand "smokers" goes up 17 percent, if you were wondering. For years, people have warned pregnant women about secondhand smoke, and now you have the statistics from 80,000 women to back up that advice and never again subject a human being that's living in the womb to commercial cigarette poison in any way, shape or form. This kind of tragedy is no "rare event" or stroke of bad luck. This is no "predisposed genetic misfortune," bad genes or some "hereditary" health problem. (

25,000 women in study report at least one miscarriage
First of all, remember, these women were never smokers. Study leader Andrew Hylan told Reuters Health, "There's a biological plausibility that secondhand smoke could have an impact on these reproductive outcomes not only during the reproductive years but throughout the lifetime of a woman. Never-smoking women with the highest levels of lifetime exposure to secondhand smoke had significantly increased estimates of risk for spontaneous abortion, stillbirth and tubal ectopic pregnancy."

If you smoke now or live with someone who does, the ultimate solution, instead of "running away" from the problem, is to stop smoking or HELP THEM stop smoking, and for good! The key to quitting is never taking those kinds of health risks again, not for you or your loved ones "to be." Start by researching the all natural method for quitting smoking, which does NOT involve using patches, medications or nicotine-continued addiction tricks like e-cigs. The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, a forensic food scientist currently researching toxic heavy metals, recommends an empowerment program called 14&Out - Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days. The program combines chemical knowledge, behavior modification and nutrition, like no other cessation method in the world. Good luck, and protect those babies! They need you to stay balanced, using common sense, organic food and organic love.

Learn about toxic heavy metals in cigarettes, among other deadly chemicals like bleach and pesticide. Learn about food, herbs and natural remedies that can help you spare your whole family the agony of first and secondhand smoke.
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Secondhand smoke linked to increased miscarriages, stillbirths
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