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 Vaccination myths destroyed by Robert Scott Bell on national radio

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PostSubject: Vaccination myths destroyed by Robert Scott Bell on national radio   Sat 19 Apr 2014, 19:39

Vaccination myths destroyed by Robert Scott Bell on national radio

(NaturalNews) In America, if you are not a medical doctor, you are not entitled to have ANY opinion whatsoever about vaccines -- you just get them or shut up. Vaccine efficacy is not open for discussion with the scientific or medical "community" and certainly won't be a discussion on the nightly news during prime time -- to give the masses time and reason to actually think about it critically. Vaccines are an American tradition. We all know that America protects the whole world from infectious disease via vaccination, or do they really? What if you found out it was ALL a big myth perpetuated for money, and there was no REAL science to back it up? What if you found out that most infectious disease is spread by vaccinated people and that most of the people who contract infectious disease were also vaccinated for that very disease?

You may want to pay attention to a different kind of "history in the making," and that is the cold hard fact that no human would ever drink what is found in vaccines, yet they will convince themselves that MSG, mercury, aluminum and GMOs, genetically modified organisms, are worth jabbing into their muscle tissue and their blood, bypassing digestion, thus virtually breaking down the immune system instead of building it up.

Recently, Robert Scott Bell appeared on national radio exposing the vaccine "herding" myth and asking the nation to reconsider how they go about building immunity to infectious diseases that are mostly just a problem for the vaccinated.

If you're wondering who Robert Scott Bell is, wonder no longer! He is only the host of the fastest two hours of healing information on the radio today. Robert Scott Bell tackles the toughest issues and shows no fear when confronting "corporate" bullies that stand in the way of health freedom. Bell delivers to the public "up to the minute health freedom news" in a format that can be archived, so his fans can listen to shows at their own convenience.

Here is Bell speaking on national talk radio -- The Jerry Doyle Show:

"I've had medical doctors in my family, some alive some dead, that have changed their minds. I've interviewed pediatricians on my show that have come to the similar conclusion that I have -- that there are other ways to strengthen the immune system without injecting certain substances. If you read the ingredient label you wouldn't DRINK -- you wouldn't give that to your child to drink. So, there are legitimate concerns."

He goes on to say later in the interview: "There's no scientifically validated 'peer-review' literature that can point out that herd immunity is actually real." (

Click here to listen to the entire broadcast between Bell and Doyle! (

Medical Collectivism and Herding Immunity
First of all, immunity starts and ends in your gut. If you destroy your good gut flora, you destroy immunity -- period. Vaccines contain certain toxic ingredients that, if you read the ingredients list, you would make an informed decision instead of a "sheeple" decision (sheeple are people who act like sheep) -- and you wouldn't want to run with the endangered herd. That's what they are too -- endangered. Plus, genetically modified food destroys good gut bacteria because that's what pesticides, insecticides and herbicides do -- they are poisons that destroy trillions of microorganisms in just minutes. THIS is scientific fact.

So, there ARE legitimate concerns with vaccines. Let's look closer at the endangered herd of the modern day vaccine "bandwagon."

Robert Scott Bell says, "It's all in your gut." Intestinal mucosa and gut flora protect us from disease. We must reduce the burden we put on good bacteria -- not increase it! This needs to be mainstream news, immediately. Natural News enthusiasts tune in and do not miss this information. Robert Scott Bell cuts to the chase. It's time to listen in to the truth about vaccine research (or lack thereof) and make informed decisions from there! (

"When you have an observation as a parent to view a child that is perfectly developing -- normal talking ability, walking ability, revert shortly after vaccination -- it doesn't matter what science you say you have -- you can't convince a parent who has seen something that they didn't see it. And of course, since the 'gold standard' double-blind, placebo-controlled studies are never conducted, in terms of determining safety or efficacy of vaccines, all you can do is get "shouted down" with terms like science, but not with the peer-reviewed literature to support it."

You don't have to be a medical doctor to witness firsthand what the toxins in vaccines can do to a perfectly healthy child. You can't just say "science says..." and explain away these tragedies, time and time again. We need scientific validation of vaccine efficacy and safety, and we must demand it right now.
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Vaccination myths destroyed by Robert Scott Bell on national radio
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