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 The 5 common snacking mistakes that are making you fat

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PostSubject: The 5 common snacking mistakes that are making you fat    Sat 26 Apr 2014, 17:57

The 5 common snacking mistakes that are making you fat

(NaturalNews) Losing weight is challenging for the majority of people. Cutting calories and eating smaller meals can lead to more snacking. Though snacking can be a healthy habit, it most often just leads to weight gain. Here are some common snacking mistakes that lead to major weight gain.

Stress eating
Stress eating sounds like a serious eating condition and it can be the case for many individuals. However, for those who think stress eating is not a problem for them, they may be stress snacking and not even be aware they are doing it. The term "stress snacking" is seemingly less perilous sounding than "stress eating" but that is not necessarily the case.

Snacking on chips, crackers, chocolate bars and other sugar-laden snacks when stressed is unhealthy for many reasons. First, there's the fact that these snacks are unhealthy and are loaded with carbs, salt and sugar. These foods harden arteries and lead to weight gain over time. Secondly, snacking during periods of stress is habit-forming.

Snacking before meals
Snacking in between meals can help stave off hunger. A common mistake many individuals make is snacking to the point of fullness. This is not a healthy way to snack. The digestive juices your body releases will get used up on the snacks and when the time comes to digest a full meal those digestive juices will be gone. This most commonly leads to bloating, indigestion and other digestion issues. The key is to have a light snack that is easy to digest and won't cause too much work for the digestive system.

Replacing meals with snacks
A busy lifestyle is one of the most common causes for bad eating habits. Sometimes eating handfuls of trail mix or other snacks replaces an entire meal because one simply can not get away from work. This habit can lead to issues with the intestinal system. Eating extremes, such as eating a handful of trail mix for lunch and then having a huge dinner, can cause simultaneous strangulation and inflammation of the intestines. This causes issues such as: weight gain, abdominal pain, chronic constipation, diarrhea, hernia and other serious health issues.

Types of snacks
Chips, crackers, candy bars and baked good are most closely associated with the word "snacks". These types of snacks, while tasty, will lead to weight gain and disease. Snacks can actually be used as a weight-loss tool. Replacing junk food with foods like grapefruit, walnuts, almonds, and unsweetened greens can help burn fat. Most nuts also provide a healthy dose of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids which will help keep you healthy and fit.

Late night snacking
Snacking late at night can be quite hazardous to the waist line. Eating before bed is also bad for the digestive system and can cause sleep problems. The body expends quite a bit of energy to digest, thus forcing the body to stay awake. This can make falling asleep a bit of a challenge. Sleep and digestion can be improved by not eating any food at least one hour before going to sleep.
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The 5 common snacking mistakes that are making you fat
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