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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing - Albert Einstein
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 How To Get Involved - 5 Minutes A Day

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PostSubject: How To Get Involved - 5 Minutes A Day   Wed 25 Jun 2014, 19:42

How To Get Involved - 5 Minutes A Day

Link to this page using this convenient URL:

The fight to stop chemtrails is your fight. The success or failure of this fight depends entirely on what you do.

If you do nothing, it will only get worse, in fact, nearly 200 new jet-tankers have been purchased and are currently being manufactured. This does not include foreign (non U.S.) purchases.

Please join in and take 5 minutes (at least) each business day and do at least one of the things listed below.

The cumulative effect of us working together will be unstoppable, but you must do something.

On This Page
» The 5 Step Plan to Stop Chemtrails
» How You Can Expose Chemtrails in 30-to-300 Seconds
» Things You Can Do Right Now
» User-Contributed Ideas
The 5 Step Plan to Stop Chemtrails
We are employing a 5-step plan to stop chemtrails. The first step is to expose chemtrails to the public. Once we have enough people actively involved, then we will have the political strength we need to put an end to the spraying. Please help by taking at least 5 minutes each day to do one of the things listed below.
How You Can Expose Chemtrails in 30-to-300 Seconds
We have spoken to many people about chemtrails. Guess what we discovered.
Most people have no idea that this is taking place, but when they are told about it, most of them immediately begin to ask questions. Some even begin to wonder if their ailments are related to it.
It's amazing the difference that simple exposure can make.
Please, take a couple minutes each day to do something. The ongoing effects of your simple actions have far more influence than you realize.
Then, tell us what you did in our "Inspiration" forum. This forum is there to let the world know that people are doing something, and when people see others doing something, they are more likely to get involved themselves.
Things You Can Do Right Now
Below is a list of things you can do right now to expose chemtrails.
Put A Global Skywatch Badge on Your Website or Blog
A badge is simply a graphic that links to a webpage. All you have to do is copy and past the HTML code that we provide on your website or blog. The more exposure this website receives, the more people learn about chemtrails and geoengineering. Please help us expose this problem to the public by displaying a badge.
We have designed a complete selection of badges in all of the standard sizes. You can view them here: Global Skywatch Badges
Share This Video: "The Aluminization of Our Soils"
This is one of the best short videos that you can share with people who are not yet familiar with geoengineering/chemtrails. The video is only 10 minutes long.
You can easily share this video by sharing this short link:

Use The SkyderALERT App
SkyderALERT is an app for your Android or iPhone that lets you send pictures of chemtrails to your government representatives quickly and easily.

Link to Global Skywatch
Link often if possible. Every link helps as long as you don't link more than 4 or 5 times on each page or in each article.
Here is some HTML code that works well and helps us score high in the search engines for the keyword "Chemtrails":
<a href="" target="_blank">
Simply put a link to on your:
Quote :
Website - Place us on your "Links" page. If you don't have a website, you can get a free one that is easy to design and works great. Here are some suggestions:
Quote :
Google Sites
Free Web Space
Own Free Website
Office Live
Blog - Write a short article about chemtrails and put a link or two to "Global Skywatch" in the article. Articles can be short, even just a few sentences long. Every little bit helps.
Here is a list of some free blogging websites:
Quote :
Email Signature - At the bottom of your email signature, why not just say:
Quote :
"Learn About Chemtrails:"
You'll be surprised how many people will click it.
Twitter Account - Put a 1 sentence statement about chemtrails on your twitter account, then add a link to Global Skywatch.
If you don't have a Twitter account, get one. It takes less than 60 seconds to sign up, and when you tweet about chemtrails, you'll have people following your tweets within days.
Facebook Account - Put a sentence about chemtrails on your wall every few days and attach a link to Global Skywatch. Here are some ideas:
Quote :
"Learn About Chemtrails"
"Look up. Do you see jet trails above your head?"
"U.S. law allows allows spraying U.S. citizens with chemicals. Learn more:"
Here is a link to a list of preformatted blurbs that can be used on any social network, like Facebook:
If you don't have a Facebook account, you should get one. It only takes about 2 minutes and an email account to sign up.
MySpace Account - MySpace is the mother of all social networks, but is no longer as popular as Twitter or Facebook. Nevertheless, it's a great way to get a free blog and to post links to Global Skywatch.
Your Favorite Forum - Are you a member of a forum? This is a great place to introduce people to chemtrails. Just make a post and provide a link to Global Skywatch so people can learn more about chemtrails.
If you're unsure what to say, you can start a discussion by saying this:
Quote :
"What do you guys think about this website:"
Your Forum Signature - This is a powerful way to get people to visit Global Skywatch. Just update your forum signature to include a link to Global Skywatch. You'll be surprised how well it works.
Other Social Networks - There are literally dozens of social networks and forums out there. Join some and link to Global Skywatch.
Bookmark Global Skywatch
Bookmarking services have become very popular today and they are a great way to manage your bookmarks. The good news is that the more people who bookmark a page, the more popular that page becomes and more people will find it. It can even increase search engine traffic ratings.
Here is a list of the top-20 most popular bookmarking websites:
Quote :
E Biz MBA Bookmarking Services
Sign A Petition
We have a list of active petitions that you can sign.
Petitions help demonstrate our strength and numbers to government and to the public. It only takes a minute so please get involved.
Organize A Protest In Your Area
Protests are fun, public gatherings of like-minded people who believe in a common cause. Protests are a peaceful way to teach the public about the crime going on in our skies.
It's surprisingly easy to organize a public meeting of this type. This interview with an event organizer teachers you how it's done, and how enjoyable and rewarding it can be.
Tag A Friend In Chemtrail Pictures
Many social networks, like Facebook, let you "tag" pictures. This means that you can highlight a portion of the picture and attach a "tag" to it.
Normally, tagging is used to identify people in pictures, but you can also use it to tag objects.
So why not tag chemtrails?
When you do this, your friends and family are sure to take interest - after all, it's about them. Then, when they look at the tagged picture, they will see the information about chemtrails. This is a great way to introduce them to chemtrails, and it often makes a big impact because they realize that they are being sprayed too.
Send Emails To Your Friends
Send a short email to one of your friends, or to all of your friends. Tell them that there's something you want them to know about.
Be sure to put your own email address on the TO field. Then, be sure to put their email addresses in the BCC field people don't see each other's email addresses. If you use the CC field, all email addresses will be visible to everyone, and most people don't appreciate that. Also, don't put more then 5 or 10 email addresses in the BCC field or your internet service provider may not deliver it.
If you have a lot of friends, send the email multiple times putting 5 names in the BCC field each time, or you can contact us. We have designed our own software that is designed for professional e-mailing's. We will be happy to loan it to you and help you with your email campaign if you are helping expose chemtrails.
Notify Local Alternative Print Media
There are numerous small publications in any average-sized city. Most are free. Pick up a copy next time you're out. Then send an email to them with links to pictures and video of chemtrails. Local pictures are especially effective.
The operators of many small publications are very open-minded to governmental corruption and secret military operations. You may be surprised.
To find a list of local print media, do a Google search for keywords that include your home town. For example, to find print media in Los Angeles, search for:
Quote :
los angeles newspapers magazines
Notify Local Radio Stations
Nearly every city has at least one radio station. Send them an email with pictures or a YouTube video of what is being observed in the skies over your town. Remember, these people are being sprayed too and they can become a powerful force for good when they realize what is going on.
When you email them, if you don't feel comfortable telling them what you know about chemtrails, them ask them a question and let them do their own research. They may (or may not) write back with a lame answer, but at least you raised awareness about chemtrails and after all, that is the point.
Here is a sample email:
Quote :
"Dear KRUD. I have been seeing huge plumes in the sky being left by jets. This is something new that I've only seen in the past few years. Can you tell me what these are? Thank you."
Remember to include links to pictures or videos.
To find a list of radio stations in your area, do a Google search like this:
Quote :
asheville nc radio stations
Put A Sign In Your Front Yard
Put up a sign in your front yard. You are sure to peak the interest of your neighbors and they will all probably visit the link on the sign.
You can have a sign company make one up for you, or you can pick up an inexpensive "House for Sale" sign at Home Depot or Lowes. Just spray paint it white with waterproof paint, and then get reflective stick-on letters.
Here's a real-life example. Just be sure to put Global on the sign. It's easier to read if you separate the words. Just be sure to leave room for the ".com" at the end of the second word.

It doesn't have to be pretty. It only has to be readable.
Post A Message To The White House Facebook Page
Create a record of chemtrails for all to see. Post any information, or pictures, or links to chemtrail videos on the White House Facebook Page:
Quote :
Click the "Wall" tab at the top of the page. Then click "White House + Others" to view public wall messages.
Write A Letter To The Editor
of your local newspaper. Be sure to include information that substantiates chemtrail existence. Describe your personal observations. This is a quick, easy way to reach thousands or people.
Contact Your Local Air Monitoring Governmental Agency
Call or email your local or state government agency in charge of air quality or air monitoring.
Send them links to photos and videos. Believe it or not, most of these people have not noticed chemtrails, but since most of them are trained in environmental sciences, most of them will realize how unnatural and unhealthy they are. Nevertheless, they usually will keep up a cool, "educated" front acting like they either already know all about it or that it's nothing to be alarmed about.
Make no mistake, once you notify them, many of them will continue to learn about this subject privately, and that's powerful.
Post A Business Card
You can get business cards printed up for next-to-nothing at Vista Print (online). At the time of this writing, this is the link for "free" business cards:
Quote :
Free Business Card From Vista Print
When you get the card made up, put a link to Global Skywatch on the card.
There are bulletin boards all over town where you can put your business card up for free. When you're out, keep a few cards with you. If you come across one of these boards, put a card up. Don't forget to bring tacks.
Here are some of the locations you can find these bulletin boards:

  • Grocery store
  • Home supply store
  • Hardware store
  • Music store
  • Laundromat
  • Government buildings
  • Colleges/community colleges
  • Schools
  • Rural general stores
  • Town halls
  • Community centers (i.e.: The Italian-American Club)
  • Public pools

Create A Flyer or Poster
Gifted in graphic arts? ...Or not. It doesn't matter.
Create a flyer or poster about chemtrails and email it to us. We'll convert it to a PDF file and post it in our online community for you. This will allow others brave souls to go around town posting these flyers in appropriate places (never post them illegally) so people can learn about chemtrails.
Here is our growing collection of contributed flyers: Flyers
Create Graphics for Use In Media
Those who wish to make posters, websites, or blogs are always in search of graphics that will help them artistically expose chemtrails, so why not help out by making up some useful or eye-catching artwork and posting it in our community so others can use it in their posters and brochures.
When your art is complete, post it in our "Resources" forum so everyone who needs it can find it quickly.
Also, if you want to create a Facebook graphic, here are some quick tips on optimum size and resolution: Creating Facebook Graphics
Join Our Facebook Group
We have an active Facebook group entitled "Chemtrails Global Skywatch". The more members we can get, the more interest it will create in others.
Join our group and help out by posting pictures, video, or information about chemtrails. Use the Facebook "Invite" function to invite others to join and it really helps a lot. Plus, it's easy to do.
Here's the link: Global Skywatch Facebook Group
Contact Your Local Cable Operator About Local Access
Gifted in video production? ...Or not.
Most cable operators provide the opportunity for your to show videos on your local cable system using "local access". Give them a call and ask them about it. Sign up for a time-slot and then just give them a DVD to play during that slot.
If you can get a slot but don't have a video to play, contact us. We'll find a video for you. This is a powerful way to reach people.
Produce Viral Videos for Exposure
Create a funny or endearing videos about children or pets doing funny things. At the bottom of the video, display a short URL to or your favorite website or video that exposes geoengineering.
We suggest the following links (already shortened for convenience):
A brief but effective overview of chemtrails/geoengineering:
Great, short intro video called "The Aluminization of Our Soils":
Nice collection of rainwater tests and other data:
Write Articles for Online Publishers
Did you know that you can write articles and be published online?
It's easy.
Below is a growing list of online publishers that accept freelance writers. Just sign up, write an article, and enjoy your growing sphere of influence.

Write A Letter To Your Favorite Alternative Media Outlet
I did, and here it is featured on Aaron Russo's "Restore The Republic" video news report called "The Reality Report" (@9:42):
REALITY REPORT #68 - Midterm Election Beatdown
Dont' think for a moment that you won't be heard. Just keep pushing!
Write A Song
Music is powerful.
If you have the skill and tools to make music, do it. Publish your creation on YouTube and be sure to include link to your favorite geoengineering/chemtrail websites.
If you write music and need lyrics, or vice versa, contact us and we'll provide you with contact info for others who are looking to collaborate in music writing and production.
User-Contributed Ideas
Below is a list of things if ideas that have been contributed by users. Please be sure that any ideas you employ are legal in the area you live, and have fun in the process.
Printed Labels in Restrooms
Some people have written with the idea of printing small labels with anti-geoengineering website URLs or anti-chemtrail slogans and putting them in rest rooms.
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How To Get Involved - 5 Minutes A Day
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