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 Electromedicine dentistry device encourages teeth to repair themselves, making fillings obsolete

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PostSubject: Electromedicine dentistry device encourages teeth to repair themselves, making fillings obsolete   Sat 05 Jul 2014, 08:54

Electromedicine dentistry device encourages teeth to repair themselves, making fillings obsolete

Sunday, June 29, 2014 by: PF Louis
Tags: amalgam fillings, dentistry technology, electromedicine
(NaturalNews) Local police in a French Alpine village found a 12-year-old boy hiding during a routine police patrol. The boy claimed he had been abducted on the way to his dental appointment, but he managed to escape. He gave the police detailed information about the abductor and the car he had been forced into. An investigation was begun. But the story was bogus. The kid was hiding from his dental appointment. (1)

Such is the dread, exaggerated in this author's opinion, of dental appointments. But this phobia seems to be woven into our social fabric. A humorous 1986 movie, Little Shop of Horrors had an openly sadistic dentist to reinforce dentist appointment fears as socially acceptable.

This exaggerated pain phobia replaces what most should actually fear, mercury amalgam fillings. There have been many independent studies confirming that there is a gas-off from those fillings, especially as one chews foods. Of course those vapors are taken into the body, and mercury is one of the very most toxic heavy metals on the planet.

Now there are holistic or biological dentists who don't use mercury amalgams, and there are a few mainstream dentists who will honor your request to keep the mercury out of your mouth and use a resin or ceramic composite instead. But those procedures still use the drill-and-fill technique that some claim to be so painful they'd rather fake abduction than go through with it.

Apparently, something new has been invented to remove both the anticipated pain fear and the more realistic fear of being poisoned with mercury. But it will be while before this invention appears in most dental offices.

A dental equipment invention almost too good to be true
King's College of London researchers developed a new technique for repairing teeth with cavities that doesn't involve drilling or shoving any materials called Electrically Accelerated and Enhanced Remineralisation (EAER).

The EAER procedure uses a two-step process instead of the normal drill-and-fill. First damaged tooth enamel is prepared then a tiny electric current is applied to accelerate potassium and calcium minerals into the damaged tooth. That's it, done. Almost seems too simple, eh?

Professor Nigel Pitts, from King's College of London's Dental Institute admirably points out: "The way we treat teeth today is not ideal. When we repair a tooth by putting in a filling, that tooth enters a cycle of drilling and refilling as, ultimately, each 'repair' fails."

But notice there's no mention of amalgams' mercury toxicity. Mainstream dentists tend to defend their mercury amalgam use with "there's no scientific proof that mercury gets into your blood from amalgams" responses to even asking for composite fillings.

Pitts reassures us with, "Not only is our device kinder to the patient and better for their teeth, but it's expected to be at least as cost-effective as current dental treatments. Along with fighting tooth decay, our device can also be used to whiten teeth."

That's neat, even used for whitening teeth. No more whining machinery in your face. But it's going to be at least a couple of years before this machinery gets into a majority of mainstream dental offices.

Before this device can come to rescue dental sufferers from those little shops of horror and mercury poisoning, it would be wise to look into holistic or biological dentistry, a slowly growing field of real dentists who found out the way the were trained is wrong. And they can remove those mercury fillings safely.
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Electromedicine dentistry device encourages teeth to repair themselves, making fillings obsolete
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