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  Vitamin D Mainstream media finally acknowledges vitamin D's ability to mitigate cancer

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PostSubject: Vitamin D Mainstream media finally acknowledges vitamin D's ability to mitigate cancer   Tue 28 Oct 2014, 14:49

Mainstream media finally acknowledges vitamin D's ability to mitigate cancer

(NaturalNews) The truth about vitamin D is finally leaking out into the mainstream media. While Natural News has led the way for years, showing various ways one can empower their own immune system, the mainstream media outlets have been hell bent in covering up the fact that something as simple as vitamin D can help the body mitigate cancer.

Now the big news is slipping off the slithering tongue of the mainstream media outlets.

From the local CBS affiliate in Philadelphia, 3 On Your Side Health Reporter Stephanie Stahl reported, "Vitamin D, which comes from the sun, is known to make bones stronger and boost the immune system. Now Philadelphia researchers are testing it to help fight cancer."

Vitamin D being added to cancer treatment studies and showing great results
The story reports that a specific vitamin D injection is helping a New Jersey resident named Kris Van Orden overcome stage II pancreatic cancer. "It's just very exciting to not have a death sentence hanging over my head," said Kris. To assist Kris, doctors are empowering her with an entirely new philosophy. Instead of giving the patient a death sentence, the doctors are helping her see a future with more options and less suffering. Instead of trying to poison her back to health with chemotherapy, the doctors are giving her injections of the sun vitamin -- vitamin D.

Of course, the doctors could go all out, let go of the fear, and treat the patient with only immune-system-empowering methods, but instead, they are taking it slow, combining both vitamin D and chemotherapy -- a sort of contradiction, but progress nonetheless. Let's empower your immune system with vitamin D, but just to be medically legit, let's suppress the immune system too with some chemotherapy drugs.

Dr. Peter O'Dwyer, an oncologist at Penn Medicine, is treating Kris with a conjunct therapy of vitamin D injections and aggressive chemotherapy. "This is something totally novel in pancreatic cancer. It's uh I believe it will usher in a new way of treating the disease," he said. He believes that the vitamin D injections will make the chemotherapy more effective, but what he's really doing is suppressing the potential of the vitamin D to activate the immune system by diluting it with chemotherapy.

At least the doctors are heading in the right direction, though. When speaking about the usual run-of-the-mill chemotherapy and/or radiation treatment, Dr. O'Dwyer said that "More than 50 percent of patients relapse later." Dr. O'Dwyer is seeing signs that vitamin D conjunctive therapy will lower Kris's chance of relapse. According to a recent study in the journal Cell, when vitamin D is used alongside chemotherapy, the extra layer of cells that fuel pancreatic cancer are broken down more readily.

Using vitamin D helps mitigate the fear surrounding cancer
Dr. O'Dwyer commented on the study: "By making those support cells less active, [than] the tumor cells become more sensitive to the chemotherapy." He believes that the conjunct therapy can shrink tumors before surgery is needed. This means that patients wouldn't need to be rushed immediately into surgery. The fear could be stripped away, and vitamin D injections could be used to help the immune system shrink the cancer before invasive and expensive medical procedures commence. For now though, Dr. O'Dwyer's new protocol is a combination of vitamin D, chemotherapy, surgery and radiation if he deems it necessary. The vitamin is still prohibited from patients with metastatic cancer.

The hopeful Kris said, "I just think it's amazing. I'm looking forward to 20 more years after this now with my grandchildren."
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Vitamin D Mainstream media finally acknowledges vitamin D's ability to mitigate cancer
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