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 Polar Vortex Explained by Jetstream Notch, 10 25 14

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PostSubject: Polar Vortex Explained by Jetstream Notch, 10 25 14    Tue 04 Nov 2014, 18:57

Polar Vortex Explained by Jetstream Notch, 10 25 14

This explains how the "Polar Vortex" is created, and how it brings extreme cold to the eastern half of the USA, and, at the same time, maintains the California drought.

A "notch" in the jetstream keeps forming, OVER AND OVER, just west of California. It re-forms every few days, or every week. This video explains how this is done, and why the Haarp operators are doing it. (UPDATE: Five days later, the jetstream "notch" was re-built, as shown here:

Jetstream control is the main tool, used by the criminal gangsters, who are using Chicago Mercantile Exchange weather futures contracts, to cash in on abnormal weather. These criminals must be identified, arrested, and put on trial, for a range of crimes, from insider trading, to violations of the RICO laws.
A new law should be passed, which makes tampering with weather satellite images a federal crime. The American people paid for these weather satellites, and have every right to see the true images, without being tampered with, by criminal gangsters. The penalty should be the same as mail fraud, wire fraud, or any other crime, where the public interest was betrayed.

NOAA administrators are overseeing, and permitting the tampering of satellite images, and they should be held accountable in federal court. This satellite tampering will be seen as an act of genocide, in the coming years, so the ICC should prosecute those responsible, under the Rome Statute.
Meteorologists, please comment, and correct any stupid mistakes! Thank you in advance!

Jetstream Notch #2, on 10 30 14

Published on Oct 31, 2014
This shows the Polar Vortex "notch" being re-built in the jetstream, only FIVE days after the last jetstream "notch" video. This video shows two man-made high pressure columns, of descending air, being used to set up the distortion in the jetstream. Both areas of descending air appear to be Haarp downbursts, as there should not be high pressure (clockwise rotation) at the north end, and there should not be dry air showing up at the south end. Also, the size, shape, and location, of this "notch" are identical, to the jetstream distortion, from five days ago. It is a perfectly straight, North/South line, that holds there for about 24 hours.

This appears to be another psy-op against the American people, during a National Election. By driving cold air into the midwest, two days before a midterm election, the voters will not be thinking about the climate catastrophe, which is unfolding all over the globe.

Everyone needs to watch for this distortion in the jetstream, as it appears the Haarp operators are planning to re-create it, every five days, probably all winter long. This will have the effect of moving the rain from California, and dropping it over Washington state, and over the US midwest.

The encouraging thing about this video, is the Haarp operators have been forced to do another change-up in their tactics. The first jetstream "notch" video showed the north end was created by a surface low pressure, which was held in place for three days. This was too obvious, so they have gone back to the standard procedure, of just using Haarp downburst air columns, to create the disturbance in the jetstream. 

I believe the south end of the disturbance (where the dry air was pushed down) was caused by the portable SBX type of megawatt, microwave transmitters. The American people have a right to know where the SBX transmitters are located, and exactly what they are doing, at all times.
Meteorologists (and everyone else) are welcome to comment, and to correct any stupid mistakes I have made. Thanks in advance for your comments!

Here is the previous jetstream "notch" video:
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Polar Vortex Explained by Jetstream Notch, 10 25 14
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