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  ear Inner and outer ear infections home remedies

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PostSubject: ear Inner and outer ear infections home remedies   Tue 16 Dec 2014, 10:06

Inner and outer ear infections home remedies

(NaturalNews) Few things are more painful than an acute ear infection - that dull ache that throbs to the beat of your heart, interrupted now and again by what feels like an ice pick stabbed through your eardrum.

All too often, we rush to treat an earache or an ear infection with antibiotics. First of all, all earaches are not infections, and all ear infections are not caused by bacteria; they may be caused by a virus or fungus instead. Antibiotics are indiscriminate killers.They kill the good bacteria in the gut along with the bad, disrupting that balance and allowing an overgrowth of Candida.

External ear infections

An external ear infection, also called swimmer's ear, is an infection of the outer ear canal. Water in the ear from a pool or a bathtub or any other source, can precipitate this kind of infection.The eardrum becomes inflamed; the ear canal becomes inflamed and swollen. Often there is pain behind and around the ear and tugging on the earlobe hurts.

Internal ear infections

An internal ear infection is an infection of the Eustachian tube. The Eustachian tube can become blocked by swelling and inflammation of the tube itself or it can be blocked by swollen adenoids. If it does not drain, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, viruses, or fungi.


An earache can be caused by a buildup of ear wax or pressure on the eardrum from fluid in the Eustachian tube.

Natural treatments for an ear infection or earache

There are natural alternatives to ease the pain of an earache or ear infection.

Earaches are often resolved with a combination of heat, warm oil in the ear, and gargling.Warm moist heat aids in increased blood circulation in the area. Alternating hot and cold will increase circulation, even more.Warm oil in the ear (coconut oil or olive oil) loosens and melts ear wax. (Take care to be sure the oil is not too hot.Touch drops to the inner wrist after stirring completely). Gargling with apple cider vinegar helps to open the Eustachian tube, allowing it to drain.

Internal ear infections are greatly helped by gargling with apple cider vinegar. If caught early enough, this may be the only treatment needed.

If this does not resolve all symptoms, a systemic approach is required.

  • Oil of oregano- antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal - and it does not kill good bacteria in the gut.
  • Coptis chinensis - antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory
  • Echinacea - to help strengthen the immune system
  • Total Tonic (Click here for the recipe)

At the very first sign of an external ear infection, use ear drops.

If you or your child struggles with ear infections, look at your diet. Eliminating dairy from the diet often makes a tremendous difference in the frequency of ear infections, sinus infections, and respiratory infections. If you suspect any other allergens, remember that swelling and inflammation from an allergic response may be the precursor to an infection rather than a symptom of an infection. Also, avoid sugar. It depresses the immune system.

If you find that you tend to get an earache or ear infection every time you indulge in sweets, your problem is probably Candida. See the link below to learn how to get Candida under control.

For any chronic or recurrent condition, a change in diet is the foundation for health. Check out Bullet Proof your Immune System and see the first source more ear infection home remedies.
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ear Inner and outer ear infections home remedies
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