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 Christmas Carol Parrot

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PostSubject: Christmas Carol Parrot   Wed 17 Dec 2014, 13:27

A man wanted to buy his wife a unique birthday present.So one day, he went into a pet store looking for a parrot.The salesperson showed the man to a very beautiful parrot. "This is the only parrot we have, and his name is, Chet."

"He's beautiful!" cried the man, "Does he do any tricks?"

"Yes he does," answered the salesman. "If you put a lighted match under his right foot, Chet will sing 'Jingle Bells.' And if you put a lighted match under Chet's left foot, he will sing 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.'"

"Amazing!" exclaimed the man, and he bought the parrot immediately.That night, the man showed his wife the parrot that he'd bought, and said, "This is Chet."

"Oh, what a gorgeous bird! Does he know any tricks?" asked the wife. The man smiled and said, "Watch this."

Then he lit a match and put it under Chet's right foot. Sure enough, the parrot began to sing, 'Jingle Bells. 'Then he put the match under Chet's left foot, and he began to sing 'Hark! The Herald Angels Sing.'

"That's incredible! Does he do anything else?" the wife asked.

"I don't know, lets see," replied the man. So he lit another match and put it between the bird's legs. The parrot started singing, "Chet's nuts roasting on an open fire."

santa rendeer
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Christmas Carol Parrot
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