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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing - Albert Einstein
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 "URGENT" Chemtrail Pilot Speaks out (Indigo Skyfold)

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PostSubject: "URGENT" Chemtrail Pilot Speaks out (Indigo Skyfold)   Wed 20 May 2015, 20:31

"URGENT" Chemtrail Pilot Speaks out (Indigo Skyfold)

Please may I call your special attention to the part of his testimony which implies: "a very new "extremely toxic" chemtrail mix, is going to be sprayed. Using new technology, that makes these special chemtrails, completely invisible."

If you have a geiger counter, with an alpha/beta probe, please test the aerosol fallout. now. and after January 20, 2015. The best way to test the aerosols, is to wipe your car hood and windshield. with a clean paper towel, after a dry period of heavy spraying. Then, test the towel for alpha and beta radiation. This is especially important in California. which has no natural radon sources upwind.

By the way. the building at 7:30. is the International Criminal Court. at The Hague Netherlands. This is where the criminals behind these programs need to be taken, to be put on trial, while the world watches.
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"URGENT" Chemtrail Pilot Speaks out (Indigo Skyfold)
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