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  food The rise and fall of McDonald's, a fast food chain whose success depends on people not knowing what's in their food

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PostSubject: food The rise and fall of McDonald's, a fast food chain whose success depends on people not knowing what's in their food   Fri 07 Aug 2015, 16:19

The rise and fall of McDonald's, a fast food chain whose success depends on people not knowing what's in their food

(NaturalNews) As the 21st century pushes on, McDonald's continues to fall apart. The once happy McDonald's brand has gone soggy and stale, like French fries left to rot in a hot van. Knowledgeable consumers are finding new reasons not to eat McDonald's food as they wake up to what's really in that "food."

In the '80s and '90s, McDonald's became more popular than ever, becoming the go-to fast food joint around the world. As more people flocked to the golden arches out of convenience, they started to lose sight of what they were really doing to their bodies. All for convenience, the population began to starve their own cells of nutrition and balanced meals.

During these golden years, fast food joints like McDonald's relished in their success while blinding the population. At the turn of the century, however, everything began to change because information of food ingredients was beginning to be published. Information was becoming decentralized. As the internet became more available, so did independent media and truth seeking bloggers. The ingredients in fast and processed food were researched, published, discussed and made into film and books. Awareness of fast food and its harmful effects on the body was finally starting to go mainstream.

Read more GMO related stories at

No more suffering in the dark
Now most people know that the many additives in fast food are making people sick. For so long, fast food joints like McDonald's focused on the calories their food offered, but now consumers know it's not always about counting calories. In today's world, it is also important to consider the chemicals that are in the food and understanding how they can create havoc in the body. Many of these chemicals had been hidden from public knowledge for years. With the decentralization of information and the rise of truth seekers on the web, these food chemicals are being exposed. From artificial food dyes to cancer causing preservatives like sodium nitrate to untested genetically modified ingredients - people are learning and taking a stand.

Consumers are now seeking to eliminate the controversial additives from their food so they can get back to what their bodies can naturally process. With this surge of awareness, there is now overwhelming support for more in-depth labeling and analysis of controversial and unstudied food ingredients like genetically modified organisms. People want to know what they're eating and the more they know, the more they can avoid what's making them sick. The more knowledge people have, the better the free market can thrive, helping people make better decisions instead of forcing people to suffer in the dark.

McDonald's franchisees losing faith in their business
The current awareness about our food supply and nutrition is why McDonald's is starting to fall apart, piece by piece. Their dark side has begun to show. And now, many McDonald's franchisees don't have faith in their own company. According to industry analyst Mark Kalinowski, the six-month outlook for McDonald's franchisees is at an all-time low.

According to his latest survey, a large number of McDonald's franchisees see trouble in the coming months. In all, 29 franchisees were surveyed. They own and operate 208 McDonald's restaurants in the United States. When asked to give their six month business forecast a rating from 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), the franchisees' responded with their lowest bit of faith ever. Their average response was a meager 1.69, the lowest level of belief in the McDonald's brand in the survey's 12-year history.

Three months ago, the average rating was 1.81 – the lowest rating until recently. It's not all just pessimistic speculation, either. The 29 franchisees report that their store sales are plummeting, too. Sales collectively fell 2.3 percent in June for all 29 franchisees. July's sales are expected to fall another 1.2 percent, according to the respondents.

"Corporate has no answers," one respondent said. "They are throwing ideas at the wall hoping something will stick. Their collective arrogance has come home to roost."

Another franchisee said, "My numbers are not good due to new competitors. Overall, sales are still in a slump and I don't see much to get excited about in 2015."

The franchisees listed a number of issues, including weak marketing and corporate ignorance. The issue that stood out the most was poor customer perceptions.

Yes, more customers are starting to see McDonald's in a negative way. More people are seeing through McDonald's marketing which is nothing but a facade of happiness and McLove. There's hardly anything healthy to what the franchise has to offer.

Those who have begun to take charge of their own health see no benefit in McDonald's because they are recognizing how it negatively affects their quality of life. It's not so convenient anymore getting a dollar cheeseburger and fries when one realizes their digestive issues and chronic inflammation are because of bad habits like these.
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food The rise and fall of McDonald's, a fast food chain whose success depends on people not knowing what's in their food
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