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  food McDonald's franchisees becoming more depressed as junk food empire dies amid America's health awakening

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PostSubject: food McDonald's franchisees becoming more depressed as junk food empire dies amid America's health awakening   Sat 19 Sep 2015, 18:25

McDonald's franchisees becoming more depressed as junk food empire dies amid America's health awakening

(NaturalNews) Wake up and smell your declining sales, McDonald's. People are getting wise to the fact that your artery-clogging food isn't healthy, and have been gravitating towards better options like fresh, organic foods and superfoods. This isn't just about people choosing to shun a McBloodPressure on occasion either; there's hard evidence that the junk food maker is falling flat on its face.

Unfortunately for the fast food chain, their sales have recently dropped to the lowest they've been in 12 years. This finding comes as a result of a survey conducted by Mark Kalinowski, a long-time restaurant industry analyst, in which franchisees were asked to provide their six-month forecast. With "1" being "poor" and "5" being "excellent," the average response was a disappointing 1.69. The survey also included feedback stating that "Corporate has no answers. They are throwing ideas at the wall hoping something will stick. Their collective arrogance has come home to roost."(1)

Horribly low survey score, negative comments point to serious problems
Despite falling shares, McDonald's attempted to strengthen themselves by stating that the survey included such a small fragment of franchisees, alluding to the finding not being a big deal. They mentioned that just under one percent of franchisees across the United States were involved in the survey -- which is true -- but the fact remains that ratings came in very low and included some less than stellar respondent comments to boot.(1)

This survey adds to McDonald's mounting problems; they've been receiving negative publicity for quite a while now. There's been the West coast egg supplier discovery in which the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said was involved in "significant and serious violations." In that instance, an undercover investigation found filthy conditions and animal abuse at an Iowa facility. The debacle led to McDonald's ending its relationship with the farm linked to that facility.(2)

Unhealthy ingredients, marketing blunders intensify long history of issues
They've received backlash for ingredients, such as ingredients in their chicken nuggets, that are more suited for industrial conditions that a retailer. For example, it's been found that they're made with Dimethylpolysiloxane, which is a kind of silicone. Guess what? Dimethylpolysiloxane is found in breast implants and sealants. It's also used as a filler in those McDonald's chicken nuggets.(3)

More recently, the fast food chain fell under scrutiny while flip-flopping over their stance on kale. First, they poked fun of health minded people in commercials that showed a close up of a burger along with comments that kale doesn't have that kind of juiciness. However, not too long thereafter, they introduced that certain breakfast bowls and salads in restaurants in California and Canada will contain kale.(4)

There's also the whole are-they-or-aren't-they going antibiotic-free when it comes to their chickens, not to mention that they've come under fire from those who maintain that their junk food contributes to the rise in obesity. While other chains have gone GMO-free or made other, significant changes that truly make a difference in people's health, the most McDonald's seems to have done is toss some toy Minions in with their meals.

Time to get with the program, McDonald's
More people are recognizing that junk foods are out and health foods are in. They're well aware that added sugars, refined carbs, additives and other kinds of chemical violence are destroying the human body, leading to everything from inflammation and diabetes complications to heart attacks and mood disorders.

McDonald's has been, and continues to be, engaged in unhealthy food practices and unstable marketing efforts. Coupled with society's increasing demand for healthier foods and reliable consumer-centric companies, it's no wonder their sales are plummeting.

Instead of reaching for a french fry, why not eat something that will boost your energy and your health? Read about superfoods that can enrich your well being at
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food McDonald's franchisees becoming more depressed as junk food empire dies amid America's health awakening
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