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 Is the FDA suppressing Chinese Medicine herbal cures for Zika?

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PostSubject: Is the FDA suppressing Chinese Medicine herbal cures for Zika?   Wed 10 Feb 2016, 13:29

Is the FDA suppressing Chinese Medicine herbal cures for Zika?

Thursday, February 04, 2016

(NaturalNews) When a real pandemic devastates humanity, one of the primary causes of mass death will be the refusal of health authorities to even consider the realm of natural medicine as a source of plant-based cures.

Instead of looking for answers to a pandemic from across the entire realm of existing medicine (herbal medicine, indigenous medicine, naturopathic medicine, etc.), today's corrupt institution of for-profit medicine is only interested in patented pharmaceuticals or vaccines, even when such interventions might take years to produce.

"We raised the price from $1,700 per bottle to $75,000. Should be a very handsome investment for all of us." -- Actual email from Big Pharma CEO Martin Shkreli, relishing the profits to be made from jilting medication consumers.

With the Zika pandemic now exploding across Mexico and Central and South America, the U.S. media and pharma-infected government is predictably urging the dumping of tens of millions of dollars into vaccine research (to the delight of the vaccine industry, of course). But what if a cure already existed that could be made available right now for pennies a dose?

Chinese Medicine herb "Qing Hao" holds amazing defense against malaria and bowel cancer

A Chinese Medicine herb known as "Qing Hao" also happens to contain a powerful natural cure for malaria and colon cancer.

"A pound-a-day pill that has revolutionised the treatment of malaria – and is based on a Chinese herbal remedy – could be the latest weapon against bowel cancer," reports the Daily Mail UK. "Early trials show that bowel-cancer patients who took the drug for two weeks before surgery were six times less likely to have a recurrence of the disease compared to those who took a placebo."

In English, the herb is called "Sweet Wormwood," and like everything from nature, it contains an astonishing array or plant-based chemical compounds that function as powerful medicine in the human body... medicine that can do things like defeat malaria or block colon cancer.

One of the phytochemicals believed responsible for this astonishing therapeutic effect is called "artesunate," and it's the subject of a Nobel Prize that was just awarded for medicine last year. "Chinese scientist Tu Youyou was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Medicine for her discovery that the herb could be used to treat malaria," reports the Daily Mail.

So why isn't the CDC or FDA testing artesunate or other herb-derived molecules for their potential to defeat Zika virus?

The answer is simple: They're not interested in treatments or cures that they can't profit from!

FDA ridiculously insists that plant chemicals have no therapeutic function in the human body
The official position of the FDA is that there is no such thing as any plant, nutrient or phytochemical that has any ability to prevent, treat or cure any disease whatsoever.

It's an absurd position of extreme incompetence, of course. It isn't based on any real science. Rather, it's based on a market monopolization priority that makes sure Big Pharma gets 100% of the revenues from disease "treatment" while naturopathic cancer physicians, for example, get thrown in prison.

For this reason, nobody in the world of mainstream medicine is even considering testing herbal medicines against Zika virus... the very idea contradicts the "Cult of Pharma" which states that only patented, synthetic medicines can treat viral infections, not natural remedies from the world of Mother Nature.

As a result, human society is probably sitting on dozens of Zika virus CURES right now that will remain censored, suppressed and even outlawed in order to protect the profit interests of Big Pharma (and prevent the public from ever learning that plants can often be more powerful medicine than prescription drugs).

In other words, to protect the monopoly of Big Pharma, the FDA will sacrifice any number of human lives to a disease that might be largely preventable right now with a simple herbal treatment. Whether one hundred or even a hundred thousand people die during all this is irrelevant to the FDA. Its mission is to protect the interests of pharma... at any cost!

The systematic suppression of natural cures
None of this should be surprising to anyone paying attention to reality these days. The U.S. government and its FDA regulation body is wholly engaged in the systematic suppression of natural cures for all the obvious reasons.

While a million people a year are dying from modern medicine (see, all the institutions of government and medicine (FDA, CDC, NIH, AMA) remain far more interested in protecting profits than protecting the people.

Viral outbreaks are viewed in terms of their profit potential, not their real risk to human life. The realm of natural cures is deliberately ignored or suppressed in order to make way for a pharma-produced "medicine" that can earn money from the public panic that usually ensues during an outbreak.

This is what our modern medical system has become: A tool for scientific suppression that generates profits at the expense of human suffering.

Make no mistake: If the Zika virus spreads into a devastating pandemic, it will only be because natural cures that already exist in nature are being systematically suppressed or criminalized by our corrupt, criminally-run medical police state system.
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Is the FDA suppressing Chinese Medicine herbal cures for Zika?
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