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 Internet Weather Research and Reporting Censorship: Real or Imagined?

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PostSubject: Internet Weather Research and Reporting Censorship: Real or Imagined?   Fri 02 Sep 2016, 19:59

Internet Weather Research and Reporting Censorship: Real or Imagined?

By Catherine J Frompovich

Readers of the alt press probably realize that censorship goes on either blatantly or surreptitiously, especially when it comes to specific topics like vaccines, politics, and weather geoengineering—aka “chemtrails.”

One of the most sophisticated independent science researchers in the field of geophysics is known as “Dutchsinse [1],” who accurately predicts earthquakes in regions of the globe, along with uncanny accuracy intensity, one to two days in advance of their occurrence.   He’s been doing that and broadcasting the information over his YouTube channel for several years now, much to the dismay of the powers that be who run YouTube and possibly federal government agencies involved in weather management.   He explains his experiences in being contacted with them in the video below.

His channel has been taken down several times, but the most recent one—August 30, 2016—seems to have been designed to be ‘nuclear’, i.e., deleting all his information and data, along with assigning his site a brand new URL address. Chutzpah? No, censorship!

Dutchsinse’s most likely ‘mortal sin’ that he’s committed is that he’s been able to find and describe HAARP rings created by Solar Radiation Management microwaves sent into the atmosphere that, in turn, create “plasma” energy that can be moved around to create weather.

Furthermore, Dutchsinse talks about the ability of radar stations and what they are ‘programmed’ to do: produce weather within two hundred miles of their base, including tornadoes?   If you want to know what’s going on with the weather, he suggests checking out local radar stations in your region.

This National Doppler Radar Sites map ought to give you an idea of what’s probably going on and where.
At 13 minutes on the timeline of Dutchsinse’s ‘melt-down’ video, explaining the apparent censorship that’s taken down his site for the third time, he talks about microwaves and their implications in weather engineering and control.  At 36 minutes he talks about his science research regarding HAARP.  He also explains that storms can be made to intensify or vaporize. Hear that California?


Interestingly, he claims that his research and ingenuity allowed him to ‘invent’ what’s been called a “paper thin battery” by his combining carbon, toner ink and aluminum (or placing them next to each other), which I don’t understand how that works, but for which others have taken scientific credit.  Is that what’s in “chemtrails” to make the man-made clouds move where they want them?

Because of Dutchsinse’s apparent ability to figure out what’s going on in ‘occult weather science’ aka weather geoengineering, he claims that Homeland Security has listed him as a threat, including all of his viewers too. How utterly bizarre! Furthermore, ‘Dutch’ advises everyone to research weather engineering and projects performed by the U.S. military and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Now, here’s what I think needs to be questioned in view of all the horrendous weather patterns that have been going on since the turn of the 21st century (the year 2000):

  • Unprecedented five-year-long drought in California, the premiere fresh food/vegetable and produce-growing region in the United States;

  • Devastating forest fires resulting from desiccated trees and foliage/bark stresses from lack of rainfall, plus electromagnetic pulse energies from cell and mast towers;

  • Catastrophic floods, the most recent occurring in Louisiana, a region horribly devastated by Hurricane Katrina August 29, 2005 [2];

  • Polar Vortex, a new weather term not heard before the last two winters or so, and I’ve been listening to weather forecasters all my life.  I even had a “weather radio” at one time;

  • Earthquakes and other weather energies and cloud anomalies [3] that Dutchsinse and various independent researchers claim are being precipitated, if not physically produced, by HAARP energies and microwaves;

  • Horrendous tornadoes in the Midwest along with massive flooding from epic rainfalls.

All the above has to produce catastrophic financial impacts upon everyone, not only those who are affected directly by those ‘natural’ (man-made) disasters.  All insurance premiums will become so exorbitant that very few people will be able to afford insuring their properties (homes, cars, businesses, etc.) in the very near future.   Is that part of the overall agenda as we move forward into the controlled life they have planned for humankind?

One final thing:  As I write this, the Internet warns of “Storm bears down on Florida, hurricane threatens Hawaii”.

Are readers prepared for the wrath of man-made weather?  Do you have enough bottle water and can foods that can be opened and eaten cold?  Are you prepped with medications, toilet tissues and other health and sanitary-related products for your family and pets?
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Internet Weather Research and Reporting Censorship: Real or Imagined?
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