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 Local FM breakfast radio

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PostSubject: Local FM breakfast radio   Tue 25 Oct 2016, 08:39

A DJ randomly ringing around and asking pertinent questions
On offer was a free trip.

The DJ has got Bryan on the line.....
"Bryan, G'day ya fancy winning a weeks holiday on the Gold Coast"
"Too right, mate" says Bryan
"Right, you gotta answer a few questions" says DJ
"Question one..when did you last have sex"
"Er..about eight o' clock this morning"
Right, mate, question long did it last?"
" Er...I dunno...about 12 to 15 minutes"
" And finally, Bryan...where did you have it, and you gotta answer truthfully, mate"
" On the kitchen table!!!!"

"Righto, Bryan, we have got your lovely wife Sara on the other line.
Hi Sara, how do you fancy a holiday on the Gold Coast. All you gotta do is answer the same questions that Bryan did, and if your answers match, you are on your way"

"Hi Bryan" says Sara
"Hi Sara"

"Ok then Sara, first question...when did you last have sex"
"Oh my god, Bryan, what have you been saying"
"Come on Sara, just tell him"
" was about eight this morning"
"And how long did it last"
" could you, this is so embarrassing"
"Come on Sara, its for a holiday"
"Oh ok....about ten minutes"
"Mmmmm.....I think we can allow that. A bit of male exageration, I reckon"
"And finally, Sara, where did you have it, answer truthfully now.

"Ha Ha ...Oh my God, I can't tell you that"
"Come on Sara, tell him the truth and we have won"

"Oh alright.....up the Arse

After a few seconds complete silence, the DJ said.... "Ah, right, I think we will go straight into a commercial break.

Rumour is fact they won the holiday.
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Local FM breakfast radio
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