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 Tamoxifen: Friend or Foe

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PostSubject: Tamoxifen: Friend or Foe    Tue 14 Aug 2012, 12:41

Tamoxifen: Friend or Foe?

(NaturalNews) I was recently asked by a consultation client about the
advisability of taking Tamoxifen after breast cancer surgery to prevent

I knew that Tamoxifen was declared a carcinogen by
the World Health Organization back in the late 1990s but I doubled
checked and found the NIH "Report on Carcinogens" - 9th edition, 2000.

Here is what the NIH report says:

is listed in the 9th Report as a "known human carcinogen" based on
evidence from studies in humans that indicate tamoxifen increases the
risk of uterine cancer in women. While there is clear evidence that
tamoxifen causes uterine cancer in women, there is also conclusive
evidence that tamoxifen therapy reduces the risk of cancer in the
opposite breast in women with a previous diagnosis of breast cancer, and
reduces the incidence of breast cancer in women at increased risk for
this disease. Tamoxifen has been approved by the FDA for treatment of
breast cancer, for reducing the incidence of contralateral breast cancer
in women with a previous diagnosis of breast cancer, and for decreasing
the risk of breast cancer in women who have a high risk of getting
breast cancer. At the time of this drug's approval for reducing the risk
of breast cancer, it was known that women who take tamoxifen have an
increased risk of getting uterine cancer. FDA approved tamoxifen for use
in women with a high risk of breast cancer because the benefit of
decreasing the risk of breast cancer outweighed the risks of taking
tamoxifen, including the risk of getting uterine cancer."

I don't have to give you an exhaustive list of studies showing that Tamoxifen
causes cancer. That's been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt and the
proponents of using carcinogen drugs don't try to hide the fact. (1)
Their rationale now is that the so-called benefits of the drug outweigh
the risks.

Of course, what they remain stubbornly blind to is the alternative medicine resources that can help prevent and treat cancer
safely, including the understanding that cancer may be a reaction of
the body to a massive stress. Instead allopathic medicine wants to
diagnose breast cancer earlier and earlier in order to give Tamoxifen as a preventive breast cancer treatment.

example, DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) is said to be a very early
form of breast cancer. It's described as being pre-cancerous,
pre-invasive or non-invasive. So it's not even cancer. It's usually
diagnosed on a screening mammogram and shows up as microcalcifications
in breast tissue. However, microcalcifications are very common in the
breasts. According to a doctor friend of mine who specializes in
ultrasound and thermography diagnosis, the amount of calcification she
sees in her clients is escalating year by year.(2) This
microcalcification is likely due to the overuse of calcium supplements,
calcium fortification and the high doses of Vitamin D being prescribed
without the proper balance of magnesium.

According to the Cancer
Prevention Institute of California (3) after a suspicious mammogram
comes a magnification mammogram, which offers a closer look at the area
of calcification. Now the patient is extremely concerned and is told she
needs a biopsy to confirm diagnosis. The shock of a possible cancer
diagnosis can itself cause illness where none existed in the first

If the pathologist, who looks at the slides, sees any
abnormal cells at the margins of the biopsy, he/she will recommend
further treatment. However, wouldn't the presence of calcium deposits in
breast tissue make cells look abnormal?

The first line of
allopathic medical treatment is a lumpectomy. But if the lumpectomy is
done near the site of the biopsy, which it usually is, aren't the cells
in the surrounding tissue going to look abnormal due to the previous

Some surgeons will recommend lumpectomy and
post-operative radiation therapy. Others will offer mastectomy, but all
of them will recommend Tamoxifen.

I read all the above FAQs about
treatment for DCIS on the Cancer Prevention Institute of California
website and I finally came upon this statement:

"In numerous recent studies, regardless of treatment, the long-term survival rate for women with DCIS is nearly 100%."

To the above statement I would add...if they survive the biopsy, lumpectomy, mastectomy, radiation and Tamoxifen!

not going into the treatment of DCIS here except to say that it may be
caused by excess calcium and not enough magnesium; it's perpetuated and
aggravated by cancer treatments; and unnecessarily taking Tamoxifen can
actually cause other forms of cancer.

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Tamoxifen: Friend or Foe
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