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 Namibia: Police are sitting on vaccine death cases, won't investigate

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PostSubject: Namibia: Police are sitting on vaccine death cases, won't investigate   Sun 13 Nov 2016, 10:06

Namibia: Police are sitting on vaccine death cases, won't investigate
Saturday, November 12, 2016

(NaturalNews) Over the past decade, at least 21 Namibian children have died after receiving vaccines – five of the deaths occurred this year – but Namibian authorities are not fully investigating these cases or releasing any information related to them.

Inquests submitted to the police for at least 13 cases of vaccine deaths since 2007 have not been investigated, and health ministry officials are refusing to talk to the press.

When the deaths began increasing, officials first tried to explain them away as cases of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), but the mothers who lost their children told a different story – the symptoms had no resemblance to those of SIDS.

Now the World Health Organization (WHO) has come up with its own explanation (based on only three cases it actually investigated): that the deaths were either coincidences or caused by pre-existing conditions.

Beyond coincidence

The available evidence suggests otherwise. The mothers of the children who died reported remarkably similar symptoms and circumstances surrounding the deaths, all of which occurred within hours of the vaccination shots.

Dr. Yury Vasin, who performed post-mortems on several of the children in Windhoek, Namibia, has been outspoken about the vaccine deaths. He said publicly that the rates of deaths from vaccines administered at 6 and 12 weeks were unacceptably high.

From The Namibian:

"Dr Vasin claimed that the babies had identical symptoms before they died soon after being vaccinated.

"Although Dr Vasin could not give figures, he said it was a cause for concern for him, and he wrote a letter to the health ministry in 2008 when the trend started picking up.

"He requested The Namibian to ask for test results of an investigation conducted by the health ministry, together with the World Health Organisation, into the concerned children's vaccines."

When the parents of the children confronted the health ministry with Dr. Vasin's post-mortem results, they were told that the doctor was unqualified to diagnose such cases.

"I have long experience in this field," Dr. Vasin said. "The babies had identical symptoms before they all died soon after being vaccinated. We got concerned that this was more than a coincidence, and the numbers were increasing."

Dr. Vasin also reported that the Namibian health ministry never bothered to contact him for any input on consultations with the involved parents.

In some cases, the parents are not receiving post-mortem results, and in cases where the results indicate vaccines as the cause of death, the authorities are routinely dismissing them as coming from unqualified doctors.

Why are there so many vaccine deaths in Africa?

Of course, Namibia is not the only African country where babies are dying at a high rate from vaccines. Why is this happening?

Some of the deaths may certainly be attributed to expired vaccines or batches that have been stored improperly – in fact, many have accused vaccine makers of dumping expired or defective batches on African countries.

In doing so, the vaccine makers can still make a profit off products they couldn't sell anywhere else. Who cares if a few babies die when there's money to be made, right?

But the African continent is not only a dumping ground for defective vaccines – it's also a proving ground for untested and unsafe vaccines, some of which may have been designed for sinister purposes.

In Kenya, for example, "mass-sterilizing, infertility-causing" chemicals were found in a vaccine used in a tetanus vaccination program aimed at women of childbearing age, leading at least one noted Kenyan doctor to wonder if the program was an example of a Nazi-style mass sterilization agenda.

Whatever the causes, African babies are being killed or sickened by vaccines in unacceptable numbers, and in each country across the continent where this is happening the story seems the same – the WHO and the health authorities are concealing and obfuscating the truth.
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Namibia: Police are sitting on vaccine death cases, won't investigate
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