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 Chemtrails Finally Admitted: ‘We’re Living In A Test Already’

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PostSubject: Chemtrails Finally Admitted: ‘We’re Living In A Test Already’   Mon 22 May 2017, 19:51

Chemtrails Finally Admitted: ‘We’re Living In A Test Already’

[size=31]MAY 19, 2017[/size]

By Melissa Dykes
In this video, Melissa Dykes breaks down how it is now admitted that “climate scientists” are experimenting with geoengineering techniques like “stratospheric aerosol injection,” more commonly referred to as chemtrails by conspiracy theorists who are once again proven right. Melissa explains that it is perfectly legal for the government to treat the population like lab rats in potentially dangerous chemical experiments.
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Chemtrails Finally Admitted: ‘We’re Living In A Test Already’
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