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December 2018
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     A Vaccine’s UNCERTAINTIES Divulged And It’s Not Healthfully Reassuring

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    PostSubject: A Vaccine’s UNCERTAINTIES Divulged And It’s Not Healthfully Reassuring    Thu 14 Dec 2017, 13:28

    A Vaccine’s UNCERTAINTIES Divulged And It’s Not Healthfully Reassuring

    December 7, 2017
    By Catherine J. Frompovich

    How ironic, but non-other than The New York Times reported the unfortunate health complications from Sanofi’s dengue fever vaccine Dengvaxia®️ that have occurred in children vaccinated with it in the Philippines, a nation-state which experiences various serotypes of dengue, of which there are four transmitted by mosquitoes.

    The dramatic aspect of the Dengvaxia problem is that Sanofi probably was remiss when it did not define what Sanofi warned of as “severe disease.”  That’s something ALL vaccines probably have in common, i.e., vaccine administrators are not fully informed about the unreported and/or excluded adverse effects all vaccines can produce or have produced in trials, so they do not inform prospective vaccinees about them, something which should be considered “medical malpractice” on the part of both vaccine manufacturers and all down the line of those administering and mandating vaccines.
    Philippine Senator Nancy Binay has called on Sanofi to explain what it meant by “severe disease.”  She said,
    Quote :
    Obviously, there were shortfalls and gaps in the vaccine’s safety profile, and I believe Sanofi is morally and ethically obliged to inform the public what severe diseases came out in their clinical tests.  Safety should always be the paramount concern when it comes to any immunization program. [1]

    The Senator’s comments are further enhanced by the Philippines’ PhilHealth, a government medical insurance plan, independent director’s Dr. Anthony Leachon’s expression of alarm at the government’s use of Dengvaxia.  Dr. Leachon said,
    Quote :
    Evidence from manufacturer’s trials shows that there may be a paradoxical increase in the incidence of severe dengue beginning a few years after children are vaccinated, and possibly continuing for the rest of their lives. [1]
    One child died after receiving Dengvaxia, which prompted government health officials to look further into the vaccine and its apparent mysterious complications defined as “severe disease.”  That government ‘research’ often happens after it’s too late and vaccines have been administered to infants, toddlers, teens, adults and senior citizens for far too long.

    Dr. Leachon points out one of the dominant and constant problems associated with vaccines not only in the Philippines, but world-wide, and for which vaccine manufacturers, the World Health Organization, and the U.S. CDC/FDA – the ‘guiding light’ in vaccine information – must be held accountable for and prosecuted:

    Quote :
    Many parents, teachers and healthcare workers claim they were never fully informed about the benefits and potential side effects of the vaccine.
    The vaccine industry must experience the “Harvey Weinstein effect” to expose pharma’s really fraudulent and health-harming products they produce using neurotoxic and genetically-modified ‘ingredients’.

    Who will blow the much-needed whistles on the ‘jillion-dollar’ vaccine industry that creates chronic diseases for which Big Pharma have to ‘invent’ pharmaceuticals to deal with and thereby make healthcare consumers life-long “paying customers”?
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    A Vaccine’s UNCERTAINTIES Divulged And It’s Not Healthfully Reassuring
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