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January 2019

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 Geoengineered Nucleated Snowstorms: Do They Cause Physical Distresses?

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PostSubject: Geoengineered Nucleated Snowstorms: Do They Cause Physical Distresses?   Thu 18 Jan 2018, 09:11

Geoengineered Nucleated Snowstorms: Do They Cause Physical Distresses?

By Catherine J. Frompovich
We all know, and medicine confirms, weather can affect how one feels and how the body reacts. However, there’s a new weather pattern with probable non-acknowledged biometerological effects people are experiencing, but still not connecting the dots. One such example appeared at

A listener wrote:
Quote :
I experienced 40-degree snow this week. What was most alarming is everyone ignoring the basic fact that it’s not supposed to snow at this temperature. I live in central TX so snow is rare, and it caused a lot of excitement. Only one other person seemed to notice the temperature and was ignored by everyone excited about how much snow was accumulating. At 40 degrees, and even hours later when it was still 35. Searching for info on the temperature requirements for it to snow, there is a mix of what most of us learned (and experienced as kids) that it has to be 32 to snow, and newer mainstream media info “explaining” higher degree snow. What will it take to get people to open their eyes to how unnatural the weather has become?
To which ‘A’ simple horseman commented:
Quote :
Alistener, (for some reason I kinda like that name), Spot on my friend I haven’t met yet. I have been faced many times each winter with the same scenario you described. I’m in far north central Washington, 3,100 ele[vation]. Something I want you to watch for in the coming week or so, “how many folks will come down with a cold or something and blame it on the weather. In a way, they’re right. It’s what’s in that weather that got to them. Going outside while it is snowing chemically nucleated snow is NOT a good idea. Make sure your home is toasty warm so as to keep the humidity down. Believe me, it works. I keep my cabin between 65 at night and 75 or more during the day. So far, so good, 4 years now. Hope that helps. [CJF emphasis added]
Comments made 12/9/17 at

Personally, I happen to agree 1,000% with Alistener’s comments, especially in the last sentences I highlighted above. I thought I was the only one who realized what’s going on during such dramatically geoengineered weather events. However, I have found going to bed under several winter quilts/covers with flannel bedclothes (sheets and pajamas) is the perfect way to keep “toasty warm,” as the humidity produced by these recent geoengineered winter storms is dramatically bone-chilling and totally penetrating! Have they changed the “chemtrail” mixes and “upped the ante”?

Furthermore, the EMF and scalar frequencies apparently emitted during Solar Management geoengineered-storms, especially with nucleated snowstorms, probably activate the Nano-particulates/dust we all have breathed in for decades and have lodged within our bodies’ organs, organelles and cells’ DNA.

Keeping the body “toasty warm,” in my opinion, and sleeping off the storm, prevents much discomfort, I have found.

Coincidentally, I found similar physiological profiles happened during the 2017 summer hurricanes (Harvey, Irma and Maria) [1], so I crawled into bed to sleep off those storms! It’s not a figment of my imagination, since I’m a retired healthcare professional, who is tuned in more acutely than most folks.
One thing I feel compelled to caution everyone about is not to play in nucleated snow with your bare hands! Wear water-proof winter gloves and rubber boots, I suggest. Furthermore, NEVER EVER EAT SNOW, as we used to when I was a kid!
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Geoengineered Nucleated Snowstorms: Do They Cause Physical Distresses?
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