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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing - Albert Einstein
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 Frankenstein Science Is Alive And Well Using Vaccines, Chemtrails And Microwaves

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PostSubject: Frankenstein Science Is Alive And Well Using Vaccines, Chemtrails And Microwaves    Fri 02 Feb 2018, 14:25

Frankenstein Science Is Alive And Well Using Vaccines, Chemtrails And Microwaves

January 28, 2018
By Catherine J. Frompovich

This article has been days in the making as my computer censors at Microsoft, I feel, have been messing around with it and my computer Operating System.  When I had this article almost finished, while periodically saving to a USB port/drive, Microsoft Word ‘stole’ it and I could not find it on the drive I was saving it to.  However, I found it on their Internet Documents with only one-fourth of the article in the file and most of the information deleted, which I had been saving while writing it, since I’m familiar with their ‘tricks’.
I chose this format to help readers understand the overall picture of the seriousness of what’s going on, plus the determination to control and/or eliminate a certain percentage of the population.  I know that sounds “off the wall” but too much circumstantial evidence leads to no other conclusion.  Paramount in that direction is the infamous “Georgia Guidestones” whose first “commandment” for a new World Order states:
Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.
Folks, that’s half a billion people and currently there are 7.6 billion people on Planet Earth as of December 2017. Furthermore, who had the chutzpah and money to erect such a monument to the New World Order eugenics plan to be carried out by the ‘elite’ one percent?

Current Biological Warfare Flu – Deborah Tavares Report Jan. 14, 2018
CDC ‘works’ for Big Pharma; CDC ‘married’ to CIA
Targeting Older Generations?
Only 10 out of a 100 ‘protected’ by flu shot

The Genocide Convention or Treaty – A Deborah Tavares Report Jan. 22, 2018
Attrition by and from weaponized weather, etc.
USA President Ronald Reagan signed it Nov. 11, 1988

Burned Out Northern California ‘Forest Fires’ Victim Report Jan. 16, 2018
Questions Directed Energy Weapons During Fires
Start at 6:35 on the timeline for details about patented Directed Weapon Energy (DEW)

Why Did They Deliberately Burn Down Northern California’s Sonoma County?
A Deborah Tavares Report Jan. 23, 2018 – UN Agenda 21/2030 Rebuild

Spraying Aluminum In the Atmosphere – A Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD (retired brain surgeon) Report
Nano-aluminum used in spraying; is deposited in food, water; we breathe it into our lungs and stores in the brain; hundreds of thousands of tons being sprayed globally
Chemtrails Killing Americans?

Historic SV40 Virus in 1955 to 1963 Polio Vaccine Given to 98 Million Americans Produces Cancer 

Flu and Intensified Vaccine Aerial Spraying
Population Reductions by 2025

Aerial Spraying aka Chemtrails and How to Survive Them

“I am a doctor and I know the truth about vaccines.”
The doctor’s 6-month old daughter died after vaccine damage.

Chemtrail Flu Spraying Discussed

Survival: Chemtrails and First Aid
Dr. John Bergman

President Trump Never Got a Flu Shot and Never Has Had the Flu
U. S. Military Is World’s Biggest Polluter

“The U.S. Military produces more hazardous waste than the five largest U.S. chemical companies combined,” but apparently abandons those toxic waste sites without cleanup.  (Source: EcoWatch)
Shame on them!

However, the U.S. Air Force intends to own the weather by 2025; see this official government report Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025

The REAL Reason The Pentagon Is “Missing” 10 TRILLION Dollars

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Frankenstein Science Is Alive And Well Using Vaccines, Chemtrails And Microwaves
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