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 Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On?

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Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On?  Empty
PostSubject: Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On?    Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On?  Icon_minitimeSat 21 Jul 2018, 20:34

Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On?

June 13, 2018

Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On?  Geoengineering-natural-society-1024x533-1024x533By Catherine J. Frompovich
As readers probably know, I’m located in SE Pennsylvania where we’ve had horrible wet weather and about which I have written.  It’s not normal, as I’ve lived in this area more than 65 years and I can attest to what’s been going on recently.  However, the weather gets even stranger, so I thought I’d share what’s going on here so commiserating folks will know you are not alone in what you have to deal with from “man-made, geoengineered weather.”
Tuesday, June 12th, 2018, the KYW radio weather forecaster had what was termed good weather news: This coming weekend, Father’s Day weekend, just may be the first weekend in eight (Cool weeks that our area/region will have a dry, sunny weekend!  Do you believe that—8 water-logged weekends in a row!

However, this past Sunday, June 10th, was another soaker, like most days.  But there was something very different I noticed while driving around various locations.  The rear tires of cars were ‘creating’ soap suds ‘wakes’ as they drove along.
The first car I saw doing that prompted me to think it had gone through a car wash; then I remembered it was raining, so no car wash was operating.  Then I saw car after car produce the ‘soap suds wakes’ on the streets and roadways.
What was coming down in the rain that made soap suds-like wakes?
Monday, June 11th, we had the main expressway from Philadelphia’s western suburbs – the Schuylkill Expressway – get flooded and shut down for nine plus hours!  The cliffs that abut the expressway going in to Philadelphia were washing down on to the roadway bringing all kinds of debris with the water, which clogged drains.  People actually slept in their cars because they had to stop and could not get off the expressway!
If I remember correctly, the previous Sunday we got 4 to 7 inches of rain in a few hours, depending upon where the rain was heaviest.  Flooding all over SE Pennsylvania and across the Delaware River in New Jersey!
June 12th we woke up to a clear blue sky and 70 degrees.  Then the spray planes came along with their poison sprays and the sky became occluded with man-made blanket clouds, some of which may have attracted scalar clouds due to atmospheric pressure changes and electromagnetics one could feel in the atmosphere.  What will tomorrow’s weather bring?  Probably more tropical downpours, something this region never had on an almost daily basis for weeks, if not months, in a row.  Something has to be causing that precipitation, as Mother Nature is not that fickle!  Usually after a heavy rain or snow storm, the next day would be clear with the sun shining and a cloudless blue sky.  Not anymore.  Day after day, rainstorm after rainstorm; people are noticing and also complaining.

Gardeners are complaining they have lost perennials, shrubs and food crops.  Is that the general idea for weather geoengineering?  Famine-producing weather and blame it on Mother Nature and the weather?
What the heck is going on weather geoengineers?  Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, claims aluminum seven thousand (7,000) times greater/higher than the EPA allows has been found in air samples and humans are forced to breathe aluminum into our lungs, thereby contaminating our brains and other organs. 
Where are federal, state and local health agencies?
Why are weather forecasters, who see NOAA’s satellite images, NOT questioning the spray-poisoning of the planet to produce man-made weather?
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Weather Geoengineering Update: What’s Going On?
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