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 West Nile Virus “Outbreak” Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals onto Citizens

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PostSubject: West Nile Virus “Outbreak” Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals onto Citizens   Sun 02 Sep 2012, 08:30

West Nile Virus “Outbreak” Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals onto Citizens

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that the
cases of West Nile virus (WNV) are raising to the point of having the
largest outbreak ever seen in the domestic US. In total, the CDC is
reporting 1,118 cases with 41 deaths attributed.

Yet the CDC claims that
most bitten by an infected mosquito do not come down with WNV. It
appears the governmental agency fear-mongers and downplays the threat in
the same breath.

Dr. Lyle Petersen, the director of the CDC’s Vector-Borne Infectious Disease Division confirmed:
<blockquote class="tr_bq">The peak of West Nile virus epidemics usually
occur in mid-August, but it takes a couple of weeks for people to get
sick, go to the doctor and get reported. Thus we expect many more cases
to occur.</blockquote>The Connecticut Mosquito Management Program asserts
that because the mosquitos carrying WNV are one an estimated 1 in 500
which would point the attribution of the infected to another source.

The areas of the country where the most cases have
been reported are Texas, South Dakota, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Louisiana
and Michigan. Petersen believes that “we think the reported numbers will get higher through October.”

Fifty-six percent of the reported cases correlate with a neuroinvasive
disease wherein the WNV enters the nervous system directly causing the
manifestation of meningitis or encephalitis.

In response to the “national outbreak” of WNV, there have been concerted
efforts to step up the aerial assault of spraying to eradicate the
disease. This spraying, to kill the mosquito population is causing viable
damage to the humans and the environment which is most likely the
reason for calling the WNV outbreaks a sorted epidemic.

The US government has been involved in
creating designer viruses onto unwitting populations that have been the
obvious causation of viral epidemics. In response to WNV and a
burgeoning mosquito population in 2000, the spraying of malathione
began. The result was a massive attack on the human immune system from
the toxic chemical.

the WNV “outbreak” is being hyped in the mainstream media now, the use
of malathione is again being utilized. However, this chemical use is
tantamount to bioterrorism on the American public. Malathione is a
cancer-causing toxic substance that has been sprayed over-head in the
name of keeping the WNV from continuing to spread.

Governmental propaganda extends to WNV outbreaks being initiated by suspected Middle Eastern “terrorists” according to
Congressional record. In a 2002 Congressional testimony, Dr. Leonard
Horowitz, said that the makers of WNV vaccines were suspect as
participating in public outbreaks.

By combining CDC reports, with the documentation of pharmaceutical
corporations, and bioweapons laboratories that supplied vials of WNV to
Iraq in the 1980s, the movement of the bioweapon has been traced.

The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB)
has conducted extensive research and development into bioterrorism
since 1986. The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) believes that the CIGB
is a biological weapons laboratory. Because the CIGB was located in
Cuba, the Castro connection and classification of Cuba as a terrorist
nation then creeps into the American social meme.

The aerial response to the current WNV outbreak involves the chemical Duet which is an “advanced dual-action mosquito adulticide” that is combined with Anvil, another mosquito pesticide, as well as prallethrin.
The purpose of these chemicals is because of their neurotoxic
properties and damaging effects on the human immune system. They also
are associated with organ failure, as well as dangerously carcinogenic
as they have been linked to breast cancer.

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West Nile Virus “Outbreak” Justifies Spraying Toxic Chemicals onto Citizens
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