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The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch and do nothing - Albert Einstein
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December 2020


 The Halo Statue

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PostSubject: The Halo Statue    The Halo Statue  Icon_minitimeFri 03 Jun 2016, 21:18

An old cajun lady came into an inheritance and built herself a new cabin in the swamp. When she gave the contractor, Boudreaux, instructions she told him to be sure and put in a Halo Statue.

Boudreaux being Boudreaux went all out and put statues of the virgin Mary through out the house. They were improted from as far as Lafayette and Breaux Bridge.

At the walk thru Boudreaux and the little old lady walked thru the house and she kept looking and looking, not commenting at all on the statues.

Finally she looked at Boudreaux and DEMANDED "Where is the Halo Statue"?

Boudreaux stammered and finally admitted "Mais What dat a halo statue?"

She replied "You know that ting sets on the shelf, goes ting! ting! ting! You pick it up and say "Halo Stat You?""
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The Halo Statue
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