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 L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets

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PostSubject: L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets    L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  Icon_minitimeMon 21 Oct 2019, 18:52

L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets

L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  Chemtrails00000-1024x5751-1024x575By Peter A. Kirby
Evidence suggests that L3 ISR Systems of Majors Field, Greenville, Texas has been retrofitting commercial aircraft for participation in the ongoing chemtrail spray operations so often observed in today’s skies. L3 ISR Systems is a division of defense contractor L3 Technologies.
The most compelling evidence implicating L3 Technologies and their ISR Systems division is found in their historical evolution from a company known as the Temco Aircraft Corporation. The Temco Aircraft Corporation was most probably involved in the production of early New Manhattan Project chemtrail spraying aircraft.
For more about the New Manhattan Project, please check out the author’s book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project available exclusively at Amazon.

The larger chemtrail fleet

There is quite a bit of evidence posted online claiming that commercial aircraft, both passenger and freight, have been inducted into the larger chemtrail fleet.
For the purpose of our discussion, we will draw a distinction here between what the author calls ‘the larger chemtrail fleet’ and what the author has previously written about; a proprietary chemtrail fleet, or simply ‘the chemtrail fleet.’
In his book and in an earlier article the author has previously researched and written extensively about a remotely powered and controlled fleet of aircraft dedicated solely to spraying chemtrails and collecting atmospheric data as part of the New Manhattan Project. This is what the author has previously referred to as ‘the chemtrail fleet’ and now refers to here as ‘the smaller chemtrail fleet.’ Although much more evidence is on the way, back in 2015, evidence for the existence of this mythical heard of unicorns was detailed in an article titled “Death from Above: the New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet.”
Rather than solely about a proprietary fleet of chemtrail spraying aircraft, this article is an expansion of the topic as it is about what the author calls ‘the larger chemtrail fleet.’ ‘The larger chemtrail fleet’ as defined here is a bigger army of seemingly normal and innocuous large, commercial passenger and freight jet aircraft which has been secretly retrofitted to spray chemtrails. While the smaller, dedicated chemtrail fleet probably consists of a few hundred aircraft, the larger, dual-purpose chemtrail fleet may very well consist of thousands.
This article operates on the supposition that the substances being sprayed are being added to the exhaust, not the fuel. This is known as ‘payload spraying’ and this is the way it has traditionally been done. Although there are some significant pieces of evidence supporting the notion that jet fuels are being adulterated which have been duly compiled and noted by this author, the much larger body of evidence suggests that substances are being added to the exhaust. The mere fact that there is a large body of evidence supporting the notion that airplanes are being extensively retrofitted (such as that which is presented in this article) suggests that substances are being sprayed from a payload rather than added to the jet fuel because adding substances to the jet fuel would require much less retrofitting, if any at all.
As the author has previously noted, among other issues, adding substances to jet fuel would bring about the technical problem of potential engine damage and the logistical problem of limiting the amount of dispersed material, while simply adding substances to a jet’s exhaust excludes these problems. Furthermore, many chemtrail spraying aircraft have been photographed spraying chemtrails which emanate from portions of the plane’s wings where there is no engine. This indicates that, in many cases, the trails are not coming from the engines at all and thus debunks the notion that the lines so often seen in today’s skies are a product of adulterated jet fuel. Lastly, common chemtrail spray has been very credibly determined to be coal fly ash, an industrial waste byproduct of the electrical power industry. So, if the chemtrail spray is an inherently dirty material like coal fly ash, how is it that this material is simply added to the jet fuel, and then how does it remain recognizable as such after re-combustion? It stretches credulity beyond the breaking point. In short, the body of evidence indicating that chemtrails are a product of substances being added to jet fuel is small and inconsistent with a much larger body of evidence indicating that chemtrails are a product of payload spraying.
For more about the evidence that chemtrail spray is coal fly ash, please refer to the author’s 2017 article “Chemtrails Exposed: Coal Fly Ash and the New Manhattan Project.”
We will now proceed to examine evidence for the notion that thousands of large, commercial jet aircraft have been retrofitted to regularly spray us with megatons of coal fly ash.
While the aircraft of the smaller, dedicated chemtrail fleet have commonly been observed as being all white and otherwise unmarked, the aircraft of the larger chemtrail fleet have been observed to be flying the colors of seemingly every variety of airline.
The video doesn’t lie. As far as video evidence of commercial jets spraying chemtrails is concerned, there’s really only one web page one needs to know: Mike Decker’s YouTube channel.
Mike Decker has lots and lots of close-up videos of commercial aircraft spraying chemtrails. His expert marksmanship has produced hard evidence of: Hawaiian Airlines, Austrian Airlines, Southwest Airlines, British Airways, Air France, Delta, United, and many others ALL SPRAYING CHEMTRAILS.
If you’ve ever tried filming an airplane in flight at altitude, much less tried to have it large enough in the frame to be able to distinguish its markings, then you know JUST HOW FRICKIN’ DIFFICULT THIS TYPE OF PHOTOGRAPHY IS. Kudos to you, Mike. Our noble anti-geoengineering movement thanks you.
Mike says that his original YouTube channel was terminated along with 1,000 videos, so please watch his videos while you can! And please do a brother a favor by hitting BOTH his ‘SUBSCRIBE’ button and notifications bell. For your viewing pleasure, here is his latest video:

It should also be noted here that a man claiming to be a German aerospace engineer came forward on May 12 of 2014 to talk publicly about how he and his co-workers had installed chemtrail spraying equipment on many aircraft at a German military base. What he apparently describes (it’s translated from German) is consistent with rigging planes for payload spraying.

Temco Aircraft Corporation

Now that we have seen evidence supporting the assertion that today’s commercial aircraft are spraying chemtrails, let us go back in time in order to see from whence all this came. We now go back to a simpler time when we were only being sprayed a little bit because today’s chemtrail fleets, both large and small, were only in development. Temco Aircraft Corporation was apparently a key player in these early years.
Immediately following WWII, two aeronautical engineers by the names of Robert McCulloch and H.L. Howard founded the Texas Engineering and Manufacturing Company (Temco) on November 17, 1945. After attracting some investors, McCulloch and Howard leased the same gigantic, 5-year-old, government-built, $30M production facilities in Dallas, TX where the two engineers had run military aircraft production operations during the war. Part of their deal with the government was that they would quickly re-convert the facilities for wartime production, if needed. The founders of Temco also leased the vast majority of their tools (some $850K worth) from the federal government. From the beginning, the U.S. Government tacitly owned Temco. Of the two Temco founders, the more notable is McCulloch. Robert McCulloch was widely known in the industry as an astute executive as well as a sharp aeronautical engineer.
L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  Robert-McCulloch-and-H-L-Howard
Temco founders Robert McCulloch and H.L. Howard
David Harold Byrd (1900-1986) was one of the original investors in McCulloch and Howard’s Temco. David Harold Byrd, cousin of the famous Admiral Richard E. Byrd was an aircraft enthusiast who, over the course of his lifetime, among many other aircraft-related activities, owned 58 aircraft and organized and operated three commercial aircraft services. He helped found the Texas Civil Air Patrol and his picture hangs on the wall of the Civil Air Patrol ‘Hall of Honor’ at Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio. Byrd was famously good friends with the driving political force behind the creation of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), then Majority Leader of the Senate Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ). In fact, in July of 1957, one year before the bill that created NASA was signed into law, Byrd had fortuitously organized and become chairman of the board of something called Space Corporation. The Space Corporation specialized in aerospace ground support equipment. NASA and their many former Nazis have apparently played a central role in the production of the New Manhattan Project. Equally as curious, Byrd was the owner of the book depository building in downtown Dallas where Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly fired the magic bullet that killed John F. Kennedy.
L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  David-Harold-Byrd-981x1024
David Harold Byrd
Temco’s combination of McCulloch and Byrd garnered the critical support of the local Texas congressional delegation which helped bring lots of business to the fledgling Temco.
In 1945 the new Temco began producing the Fairchild F-24 and the Globe Swift aircraft as well as engaging in the conversion of surplus military aircraft. In late 1946 the firm was incorporated as TEMCO, Inc. After the Globe Aircraft Corporation went bankrupt on June 23, 1947, TEMCO gobbled up its assets and inventory as TEMCO continued production of the Swift, a classic light aircraft, until 1950.
L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  Fairchild-F-24-1024x670
Fairchild F-24
L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  Temco-Globe-Swift-1024x775
Temco Globe Swift
It is worth mentioning that Fairchild Industries, which developed the Fairchild F-24 and sub-contracted the production of said airplane to Temco, is the company where the famous Operation Paperclip Nazi Wernher von Braun went. In the early 1970s, not long before his death, von Braun was the Fairchild vice president for engineering and development.
Furthermore, it is interesting to note in the above image of the Temco Global Swift the presence of what appears to be some sort of spray nozzle almost directly below the pilot, on the underbelly of the plane. What is this appendage for? Might the Temco Global Swift have been an aircraft used for spraying chemtrails as part of early New Manhattan Project experiments? As we are about to see, Temco is the logical company to have produced such an airplane. In fact, all of the Temco-produced aircraft known to the author are pictured here due to the fact that ALL OF THEM may have been used as early New Manhattan Project chemtrail spray planes.
In 1949 TEMCO acquired the assets of the bankrupt Luscombe Airplane Corporation. A year later, TEMCO resumed production of Luscombe’s Silvaire airplane. TEMCO was only able to produce 50 Silvaires before the Korean War started in 1950 when all production was shifted back to military needs.
L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  Luscombe-Silvaire-1024x624
Luscombe Silvaire
The Korean War lasted three years. As production shifted back to the civilian market, TEMCO began developing their own, original designs. TEMCO designed the T-35 Buckaroo trainer airplane right around the time that they reorganized themselves as the Temco Aircraft Corporation in 1952. As the Korean War ended in 1953, Temco Aircraft acquired additional factory space at the aforementioned Greenville, Texas location. Due to the fact that Temco Aircraft failed to win a certain contract, only 20 T-35 Buckaroos were produced. Another company run by a man named Jack Riley subsequently picked up the T-35 designs and converted them for production of an airplane called the Twin-Navion. Temco Aircraft bought Riley’s Twin-Navion operations in 1953 and further developed the conversion as the Riley Twin. The Riley Twin was then produced by Temco Aircraft in significant numbers.
L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  T-35-Buckaroo
T-35 Buckaroo
L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  Riley-Twin-1024x682
Riley Twin
Here’s where the New Manhattan Project comes in. We are most concerned with Temco Aircraft due to their connections to a company known as LTV Electrosystems. Readers of this work are already quite familiar with LTV Electrosystems. They are discussed here once again because LTV Electrosystems was partly a product of the Temco Aircraft Corporation. Because of this, Temco Aircraft Corporation is the logical company to have produced the early New Manhattan Project chemtrail fleet aircraft.
In 1960 the Temco Aircraft Corporation merged with an electronics company called Ling Altec. The resulting company was known as Ling-Temco. The following year, Ling-Temco absorbed the Chance Vought Corporation which produced Corsair aircraft for the Navy. After this absorption, the resulting company was known as Ling-Temco-Vought. LTV Electrosystems was a publicly traded spin-off of Ling-Temco-Vought, hence the ‘LTV.’ In fact, although it was cobbled together from a few different internal sources, the biggest part of the new LTV Electrosystems came from the old Temco Aircraft.
L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets  Vought-Corsair-1024x768
Vought Corsair
From the mid-1960s to the early 1970s LTV Electrosystems contracted for the United States Air Force in the repair, overhaul, and modification of aircraft. Might these modifications have had anything to do with the aerial spraying of substances and the collection of atmospheric data? The Air Force and the Navy have been ubiquitous throughout the development of the New Manhattan Project.
Furthermore, as readers of this work already know, beginning in 1970, on the LTV Electrosystems board of directors sat Navy Vice Admiral William F. Raborn who, for all the world, appears to have been a very central player in the historical development of today’s New Manhattan Project.
In 1972 LTV Electrosystems was bought and taken private by a group of investors led by a man by the name of John W. Dixon. The company subsequently changed its name to E-Systems. Throughout this transition, Raborn stayed on the board. E-Systems went on to complete the first version of the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) antenna array in 1995, right before large-scale, domestic spraying operations began. As informed readers already know, the HAARP array near Gakona, Alaska has only the most profound implications for the New Manhattan Project.
For more about Vice Admiral William F. Raborn, please refer to the author’s 2017 article titled “William Raborn and the New Manhattan Project.”
For more about the HAARP, please refer to the author’s 2012 article “Smoking Gun: The HAARP and Chemtrails Connection.”
In short, because of all the history detailed here, it most probably has been the Temco Aircraft Corporation and all of its mutations over the years which have been responsible for the production of many airplanes used in the development of the New Manhattan Project. At least one of those mutations is still operating today. That mutation is known as L3 ISR Systems.

L3 ISR Systems

Today the former Greenville, Texas location of the Temco Aircraft Corporation is known as Majors Field and it is inhabited by a descendant of Temco: L3 ISR Systems.
On their website, L3 ISR Systems writes about how the aforementioned E-Systems took over their Greenville location in 1972. Moreover, L3 ISR Greenville’s history is filled with other connections to the New Manhattan Project. They write that starting in 1961, their Majors Field location under Ling-Temco-Vought worked on Boeing KC-135s. Boeing KC-135s have been expertly identified as common chemtrail spraying aircraft. They write that after E-Systems took over in 1972, they worked on Boeing 707s; another aircraft that has been expertly identified as a common chemtrail sprayer. They proceed to write about how they do work for the Department of Defense and ‘select U.S. government intelligence agencies.’ This is significant because both the Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency (the dominant U.S. intelligence agency) appear to have played central roles in the development and production of the New Manhattan Project.
L3 ISR Systems claims their lineage as such: Temco Aircraft Corporation 1951-1960, Ling-Temco-Vought 1961-1971, E-Systems 1972-1994, Raytheon E-Systems 1995-2001, L3 Communications, Integrated Systems 2002-2011. Again, Raytheon is another company with only the most significant connections to the New Manhattan Project.
L3 ISR Systems Greenville describes itself as, “The world’s premier SIGINT [signals intelligence] systems developer and integrator of airborne reconnaissance platforms.” They also write that their core capabilities consist of ‘specialized aircraft, maintenance and modification’ along with many other specialized and highly technical capabilities which would be necessary to retrofit and otherwise produce aircraft for use in the New Manhattan Project.
From their website they write,
Quote :
L3 ISR Systems Greenville is an internationally recognized systems integration organization specializing in the modernization and maintenance of aircraft of all sizes, and the study, design, development and integration of special mission systems for military and commercial applications. L3 Greenville’s expertise spans the design, development and integration of advanced avionics, special purpose airborne systems and aircraft maintenance and modernization for government and military customers worldwide. L3 Greenville specializes in the modification, modernization and maintenance of a diverse group of mission aircraft. The division is a leader in advanced technologies for complete systems integration, signal processing, electronic countermeasures, sensor development and aircraft self-protection. With more than 6,500 employees, it has the capability to support programs from initial development through total life-cycle management.
L3 recently merged with a company named Harris to form L3 Harris. Harris also comes from a background with relevance to the New Manhattan Project as they have produced components for weather satellites and missile systems. Today they describe themselves as, “a proven leader in tactical communications, electronic warfare, avionics, air traffic management, space and intelligence, and weather systems.” One can read all about them on their website


Although this article focuses on L3’s potential involvement in the production of the larger, multi-purpose chemtrail fleet, they may have been involved in the production of the smaller, proprietary chemtrail fleet as well. It appears that their facilities have been and continue to be large enough to do both.
Evidence also suggests that many others are involved here besides L3 and their Greenville, Texas location. As detailed in the author’s previously noted 2015 article “Death from Above: The New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleet,” and in his book, private facilities at Marana, Arizona as well as a number of military installations are implicated here. Due to the large number of airplanes apparently involved, there may very well be other American, New Manhattan Project aircraft retrofitting and/or production sites yet beyond all of those referenced here. But because of the history pertaining to Majors Field and Temco Aircraft, and until what has been hidden in darkness is exposed to light, whoever operates the aircraft production and modification facilities at Greenville, Texas is a prime suspect.
Bibliography (In order of first appearance)
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The second edition of my book “Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project” is coming! It’s taking so long because there’s just TOO MUCH NEW INFORMATION HERE. Specifically and relevantly, the second edition, among many other revisions and expansions, will have A LOT MORE information about the chemtrail fleet. ETA is sketchy, but it looks like sometime around the spring of 2020. To be among the first to be notified, you can join my email list at my website

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L3 Technologies and the Early New Manhattan Project Chemtrail Fleets
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