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 Healthcare companies bribing customers with gift cards if they get mammograms

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PostSubject: Healthcare companies bribing customers with gift cards if they get mammograms   Mon 07 Jan 2013, 19:29

Healthcare companies bribing customers with gift cards if they get mammograms

(NaturalNews) The cancer industry is getting so desperate to recruit new
customers that it is resorting to cheap gimmicks and bribery to
convince women to get screened for breast cancer. It recently came to
our attention that numerous hospitals and cancer centers across the
country are now advertising "free" gift cards to their members who agree
to get mammograms, as if the irradiating medical procedure was some
kind of "Black Friday" special just in time for Christmas.

The UCare
health group in Minneapolis, for instance, sent out pamphlets to its
members notifying them that if they fall between the ages of 50 and 69,
they are eligible to receive a $25 gift card if they get a mammogram.
Eligible members do not even have to fork over a co-payment -- all they
have to do is have their health provider fill out, sign and mail in a
voucher, similar to how a mail-in rebate would be redeemed for a
discounted television.

You can view the UCare form here:

The CentraState Healthcare System
in New Jersey offers a similar program to members who agree to get a
mammogram. According to the health group's website, women who agree to
have their breasts blasted with cancer-causing, ionizing radiation will
receive not only a $30 gift certificate towards a one-hour health spa
session, but also a one-week pass to the CentraState wellness center. (

And in Michigan, the Henry Ford Health System
entices local women, and particularly minorities, with $20 gift
certificates in exchange for getting mammograms. According to the
group's website, this carrot-on-a-stick approach to convincing more
women to get mammograms is part of an affirmative action-type program to
"eliminate [the] racial gap in mammogram screening." (

And the list goes on and on, with health groups in Illinois (, Wisconsin (,
and many other places all offering trifle rewards for compliance with
the mammogram agenda. Some hospitals are even encouraging local women to
hold so-called "mammogram parties" for the purpose of getting women
drunk and persuading them to get irradiated. (

Mammogram hysteria a direct result of emerging research on its dangers

none of this is surprising, especially when considering the fact that
at least a dozen scientific studies published in recent years have
identified mammograms as not only highly dangerous (, but also a direct cause of breast cancer ( A Danish doctor actually published a study in the journal The Lancet back in 2006 that showed mammograms offer absolutely no health benefits at all. (

you can expect to see a whole lot more bait-and-switch marketing,
cheesy gimmicks, and other ridiculous shenanigans aimed at the basest
instincts of human nature. Free money? You can do whatever you want to
my body! In truth, accepting a gift card in exchange for having your
breasts medically molested is actually a form of medical prostitution.

is almost as ridiculous as dangling free flu shots as an incentive to
convince people to turn in their guns, which is what the city of
Worcester in Massachusetts is currently trying to do (
Anything to persuade free individuals to give up their rights, their
dignity, and their informed consent is open game to the eugenicists, who
want nothing more than to seize all of these things and more from the
American people in exchange for a few pieces of silver.

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Healthcare companies bribing customers with gift cards if they get mammograms
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